Friends come to Visit!!

When I was a singlehander, I lived aboard my Cape Dory 30 at Waterford harbor in Texas.(2007 or 8) . I had these great neighbors Rachel and Carl, who inspired me by their fearless drive to become a part of the beautiful floating life of sailing. 

 Rachel was in town for work and a little fun with her niece. So they popped by Marathon to see the ole Rain Dog gang on their way back to Miami.

Rachel, Looking beautiful as usual, Brian and Scupper, and Rachel wonderfully interesting niece. We met at Bourdines for cheeseburgers and fries. They key lime pie is very “Limey”

Lousely resolution, but this egret is absconding with bait fish

Now he is on the tank and brazenly selecting his meal straight from the bait tank.

On the way home, a reminder about our cruiser net on 68 every morning at 9am. The folk that run it are really nice and everyone really pitches in to help each other.


Scupper giving me the ” little privacy please” look



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