Memorial Day Remembrance

Letter from my mom who served in the Navy. If you don’t know your families history of those killed while in service, just ask an elder, one day it will be up to you to make sure the young know about their families’s history. Pray for PEACE. 

Hi All, just a wish for a good day for you all, and for remembering those who died in battles in far off lands. For a little history, (kids) your great-great-great Christopher Wilson died in the Civil War. You great great great Uncle Edward died in WWI. Your grandfather Langton did not die, but was afflicted with PTSD in WWII, and second cousins, Larry and Jerry Langton and Michael Hennessey were all injured severely in the Viet Nam War.  


Love to you all, Mom/Grandma
Letter from my Aunt:

The family members I remember being in the revolutionary war were the Smith’s, Nashes and a distant cousin from the Morehouse line who was 14 and died when his musket back fired.  That was not unusual since they made their own muskets.  Denise reminded me we have Joseph Nash killed at Norwalk, Connecticut by the British under General Tryon who burned Danbury and New Haven in the fall of 1777.  Then Samuel’s brother, Zac, was killed at the battle of Bennington under General Stark in August 1777.  
Samuel Nash was in many skirmishes, he was captured by the indians and escaped near Greenfield Mountains at Lake Desolation, Susanna’s (our g-g-g grand)mother also has a part in the defense of the home from night attacks of the indians”(OW3).   So even the women got involved.  


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