Sombrero Reef Snorkling

Sunrise at Molasses Key


And more sunrise

And more sunrise… I had a hundred pics of this one sunrise! Posting only three shows much restrain on my part :-).

After a great night at anchor(i.e. no dragging) Scupper at the helm, making for Sombrero Reef for some fun snorkeling. Brian making sure he stays on course 🙂

I spy Sombrero lighthouse 🙂

Sombrero Reef is in the middle of pic, south of Marathon.

Layout of the reef. Lots of mooring balls.

We grabbed the western front row mooring ball, which had a nice line to secure to our boat.

Our downwind view. One of the snorkel companies had a look out and would blow a whistle if one or more customers strayed too far or to direct swimmer to good spots on the reef. He seemed to really keep an eye on each person. I thought that was very smart and I would think would lessen accidents/drownings. Every once and a while a power boat would plow through the mooring field, this made me very leery to venture too far from my big orange buoy ( see below).


Still lots of moorings available.

Brian tied the dinghy tow line to our big orange fender for me to grab if I tire. I needed this on my second trip into the water. The current carried me farther then I expected and swimming back to the boat was a bit tough. Being able to grab this line and haul myself the rest of the way Saved the day 🙂

My boys. Brian dove the prop and discovered our zincs GONE. He replaced them while I sat in the cockpit and handed him the accoutrements. Man of many talents!!

Our gear. I also use a ski float. It looks silly but we are still feeling out what I can and cannot handle.


View under Rain Dog. I’m using my Olympus TG-3.

I felt like they were waiting for me to tell them a story, so expectant!  Hard to say no to such adorable faces, so I told them the story of the little mermaid. 🙂





Okay, the pics are a bit lame, but wanted to show how active the reef was. It seemed like it had a lot of new growth, young coral. So glad they put the mooring balls down, I just do not see a way to anchor around here without damaging the seabed.





There is a baby barracuda in the middle background. Brian saw a bigger barracuda and a reef shark. 


Heading back to home base. Sombrero mooring field is day use only( no overnighters)

Crazy, the way this boat plowed through the water. It had a  continuous bow wake that spayed almost as high as the deck. Not sure if he had too much weight in the bow, but we marveled at what his fuel bill must look like.



2 thoughts on “Sombrero Reef Snorkling

    • Thanks so much!! I want to get a waterproof case for my Pentax 30. I’m unable to dive so stuck on the surface so my Pentax would do better. Even tough this little Olympus TG3 is very cool, especially up close underwater.
      Thanks again, hugs to you, I hope you have a peaceful Memorial Day

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