Molasses Key Anchorage

Brian grabbing some ice before we head out to Molasses Key, just 4-5 miles west of Marathon.

Molasses Key.


Uneventful trip to anchorage. Very very strong current here. Not able to swim around the boat, couldn’t dive the anchor, and no swimming from the beach either. The current is about 3-4 plus knots, crazy. We hit the anchorage at low tide.

Scupper, free at last!!


A lot of seaweed caught up in our tow lines and painter. We are in the small lagoon( 30-40 feet around), no current here :-).


Bill’s Island. Nice memorial.


Madonna and Singh Isand too.


Love this little Island.

Some weird intrusion(?) was hard but not brittle.

Lots of neat-o critters living in the rock

These little guys fool people all the time, they look like Trilobite fossils but are in fact living Chitons. Chitons are mollusks, so so are related to octopuses! This chiton looked alive but It felt just like rock. This one was just uncovered by the tide so still wet.

 If you want to nerd out like I did after seeing these little guys, here are some cool links

His buddy looks even more like a fossil :-). crazy Factoid- their eyes, which are scattered on their valves( shell) are made of rock, more specifically limestone. Creepy cool 🙂

Lots of critters living in what I think is a ginormous brain coral fossil..

This little guy was alive 🙂


Cool shellfish


Back on the boat, this little bird wanted down below.

 Next is Sombrero Reef for some snorkeling :-)… 


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