Marathon, Pretty Cool Pace.

Marathon, Boot Key Harbor City Marina mooring field

Factoid– all anchor lights on per colregs, even though we are in a designated mooring field, Boot Key harbor falls into international waters due to being outside the colregs. The demarcation line just crosses over around lower Matecombe key to Dry Tortugas. $70 fine for not displaying you anchor light from dusk to dawn. Pretty interesting aye? We also have two solar lights, one around midship and one in the cockpit. Sometimes you can power right up to a boat in the dark and forget to look up where our anchor light sits atop the mast. So having a few lights at eye level can hopefully avoid collisions. A project I plan to finish before we leave marathon is to add reflective tape on stanchions and wind vane to improve the ability to see us at night. We already have two stripes on the mast.



Isn’t she lovely :-).


On our way to dinner we saw a good old fashion mast raising party(middle boat) :-). I’ve done that before, it can be very hair raising

View looking out to the harbor entrance. Bourdines or Cheeky Tiki is a nice place for a cold beer and tasty hamburger

View looking into harbor.

That’s Manatee, they have 23 great loops under their belts!

We ran out Sister creek to do some snorkeling. Love to have the larger dinghy and more powerful outboard that can take us all around and out of the harbor. But I’m glad we left Texas with the dinghy we had, a friend sold it to us for a song. So we were able to, through months of cruising, refine our wants/needs. We broke even when we sold the old dinghy.

Slow speed for manatee zone.

Dinghy docks at the city marina

The facility is definitely geared towards cruiser. Mail boxes, large clean warehouse floor space the work on your sails or canvas project, small workshop, Laundromat and free wifi :-). They have a slip just so you can tie up the mothership to fill your water tanks or tie your dinghy up to the bulkhead and fill you jerry can from the dinghy. Water is .05 cents a gallon on the honor system.



At the base of a tree there was a bunch of softball sliced holes snaking around the roots. I was about to announce our departure for another harbor when I realized it is a crab, not a huge hairy teranchula home. The land cranes can get big though, so still a bit creepy. 


Birds do not land on our boat due to our ferocious dog Scupper. But this little brave guy was an exception πŸ™‚


Our wonderful windscoop is on its last leg. Time for a new one.


Made cheeks for the dodger. This keeps out the rain and spray from the side decks. Also keeps scupper in the cockpit.


Cutting the clear vinyl for the dodger cheeks. Used the handy floor space made available to us at the City marina.

Do not need electricity, thanks to brian buying me the monster wheel attachment for my Sailrite LS-1. I’ve learn to love love manual/ crank sewing, my stitches are much neater and placement very precise.


With left over scraps from the dodger cheep project, I made a fid keeper. πŸ™‚

Sewed little organizer pouches to tidy up the nav station table


This holds our wifi thingy πŸ™‚

A note on monkey fur( hull liner). It takes hook Velcro very well. So I’ve been adding little pouches here and there. This is made from the pant legs( my mom’s unwanted jeans, thanks mom!)

Scrap curtain material nod more scrap pant leg material. πŸ™‚ I have sooooo much fabric aboard, I can’t seen to throw or give it away. But I’m determined not to buy fabric till my collection can fit into one bin( 2-3 bins right now)


The black track on deck gets so hot it WILL burn your feet

Used webbing, non skid mesh, and bungee to make this sail track cover. I also made a reflectex and canvas cover for the ( toe stubbing )block on the track. So far, a week later, it stays in place and is solid to walk on.

Underside of the webbing. Bungee hooks to the track end.



Full screen no see um enclosure.


 More sewing to come. Just finished a new under seat storage for the dinghy. Will make new snorkeling bags, racier filter cover, battery box canvas cover, and a cover for the dinghy gas can with webbing covering the fuel line. Whew! So much to do!

Brain is working his arse off with boat maintenance, plus he is taking two online college courses.




5 thoughts on “Marathon, Pretty Cool Pace.

  1. I always thought Boot Key dinghy docks were clean, not dingy πŸ™‚ enjoy your stay Erica, and have some fries at Burdines for me…

      • Going to stay here in Rockport till fall, doing some boat work at Hooking Bull. Then will be heading that direction. Plus, somebody’s needs to watch Ralph, make sure he doesn’t get in trouble πŸ™‚ Glad y’all are enjoying, you deserve it……be well…

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