Oliver is here!!!  Congratulations Sheila and Jason!! We cannot wait to meet him!


My iPad dropped into a bucket of epsom salt. I’ll not get into the events leading up to this unfortunate event, it is too silly for words ( a comedy of errors). I’m back in the loop, thanks to my wonderful hubby, with an IPad Air2. Big surprise bonus is the daylight viewable screen makes reading blue charts much better out in the cockpit :-). The pics might be a bit jumbled and my prize pics taken over the last few weeks have been lost. 


New iPad Air2


My sister is making a remarkable recovery from her fight with Cancer. Rock on Alecia!


Fat Albert off the bow. A weather/spy balloon

He is watching you, maybe.


Our anchorage, 1/4 mile from Tarpon Belly key. Needed to anchor in deeper water to find good holding.



They say when Fat Albert is down, bad weather is near…


Bian is down below checking our anchor alarm. I’m in the cockpit yelling ” wahooooo!”  I love storms! I was also praying the anchor would hold, it did not like the sand over rock bottom. But our Manson supreme, 150ft of chain, 30 ft of 5/8 double Braid held( with 30ft snubber).








Wonderful sunset 


More sky pics, sunrise this time. That is Tarpon Belly key


South end of Tarpon Belly key

Group shot! Brian, Scupper, Rain Dog and I. Brian cut my hair for the first time, did a great job! We had no comb :-).

Landfall on a deserted island 🙂 Tarpon Belly.

Scupper is pretty excited to be able to roam free.

Quit a lot of silt but still very beautiful

Someone was kind enough to leave a seat for us 🙂

Here he comes again. I think he has made a dozen loops around the island.


Brian caught him rolling around in something, don’t wanna know.


Story behind the island is that apparently an investor tried to build a fish farm. Or maybe it was shrimp..? Anyways, couldn’t get it to work so abandoned the island. You can still see some remnants  the old bridge 

Old bridge

Back on board. Scupper reliving his happy times on the island.

Rain Dog at anchor. We had to move out to deeper waters (19 ft) for better holding ground

Back on the island to walk scupper.



Brian couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

There were more pics of the island but were lost when I dropped my iPad in a bucket of water. Sigh. We stayed at Tarpon Belly for 10 days. Here is the state of the 175 ft of chain. Tons of seaweed. 

Heading for marathon first takes us north to the Florida straights channel.


I’m using two different cameras and you can tell. The Olympus Tg3 does pretty good, but my Pentax is the bomb.

Clearing more shoals



Florida Straights

Scup is exhausted, hard work being a boat dog.



Headed down the Big Spanish Key Channel, a passageway from the Florida Straights to Hawk Channel on the Atlantic side of the Florida Keys


Headed for Marathon…… 


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