Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

Big Spanish Key Channel, I think that is Little Pine Key.


I think that is Horseshoe Key, a dead end inlet with pretty good holding in 7 ft.


Needed the paper charts for back up to chart plotter. Normally we use iPad but mine was dead. Was shocked at how little info paper charts give you, the chart for boot key harbor approach was practically worthless. Paper charts haven’t change, we have. Very spoiled with the plethora of resources via electronic charts

Oh Lord, civilization..


Oh Lord, people. We want to run back to the wonderful isolation of Tarpon Belly Key




Go Coasties!



Under the bridge and hook a left, to get to Boot Key Harbor in Marathon


Yep, we will clear 🙂


Now on the Atlantic side, Boot Key a Harbor off the port bow.

Sunken vessel symbol should be Florida’s logo, there is at least one welcoming you at each harbor.


Approach. Red right returning.

Boot Key harbor entrance




Mooring balls are rather close to each other..


Snuggled in next to another Crealock design, custom built.

Close, almost feels like a marina!! But the Crealock left a few days later, we now have a few empty moorings all around Rain Dog 🙂


We will stay in marathon and get some projects done. Me sewing, Brian is adding another solar panel, tons of maintenance on engine and water system, and adding some hardware to the deck.


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