Motor Lift Project, Water Pics.

Brian finished the Gauhauer motor lift install, sweet! It was very challenging and at mooring to boot! My hubby is The a Bomb!!

While Brian was ashore I mounted part of the old plastic West Marine motor mount on the beautiful mahogany motor mount he installed the day before. I thought it would be a good idea to try to protect the wood while recycling the old plastic motor mount. Brian curbed my enthusiasm by informing it might be too thick to except the motor, but said it was a great idea :-). We will see.


After a long grueling day ashore tying up loose ends, Brian is finally home!! Scupper and I were most excited.

My sweetie bought me flowers.


Wind and currents were making all the moored boats point ever which way. Remember that scene in poltergeist when the mom turned around to find the kitchen chairs all weird? Well, that is what it reminds me of, kinda creepy really. Or rather, the game “red light, green light” every time you looked up the boats changed rather dramatically.

Finally got my new underwater camera back from the shop. So far so good. Today I just swam around playing with the settings, the water was a bit murky but you can see the clearance of our keel.

Our portable ladder we bought for $199( stainless steel). It hooks over our gunnels and runs deep for easy in and out. 


Having the swim ladder deployed while at mooring came in real handy last night. At around 8:45pm, I was adjusting the painter lines and a wave rocked the dink which snatched the line out of my hand. I had no choice but to leap in after it (I called to Brian who quickly came out on deck to make sure I was OK). I swam after the dink, only about 20 feet, and towed it back to the mothership and Brian’s waiting hands. I was pretty tired by the time I climbed back aboard, but had I waited and got Brian to retrieve it, it would of been much further away and more risky. We have two painters set up for this very reason, I was careless.

Back to fun pics. This is a sponge, there are tons of these beautiful bowls all around the mooring. I thought anchoring was not permitted near us but there is a guy here that moves his boat( anchor) almost daily around the perimeter of the field. The crazy part is that he only moves about 50 yards at a time. Shame to eat up the seabed for that kind of sillyness.

I’m having trouble with the focus. I’ve tried to free dive to get closer to the seabed but my head explodes in pain about 4-6 feet down. My docs thought this might happen and I’m not to push the issue, so I’ll stick to the surface for now. Brian, who swims like a fish, can always dive down and get a shot for me if I need it.

Marinas mooring line.

Beautiful how thick and healthy the sea grass is, this changes pretty dramitcally when you leave the mooring field, less grass, a lot less grass.


Beautiful big sting ray gliding under the dinghy. I’m too slow to get a pic.


There he goes…

Micro lens testing

Just when I’m in my zen place a flea ( jet ski) zooms by and the skyline comes into focus…

Scupper tied off to the dinghy painter 🙂 he just spotted the sea birds



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