Seems Key West is Tired Of Us

The last couple weeks Brian and I have been chompin at the bit to get moving. We have tired of Key West a bit, and it seems between the heat wave, fluky winds, even the sea life is telling us to buzz off! Key West is tiring of us 🙂

We were slimed!!! As you can see we have ink all over the port and bow of the dinghy. We were dinking back to the boat yesterday when a beautiful squid jumped out of the water and glided about 50 feet off our bow. He was using his legs as wings, flattening them out to create draft, he was around 6-8 inches long, very very cool!! Once the flying squid was back in the water and safe (I was nervous we would run him down)  I glanced back because I felt a bit of a commotion behind me. There in the water, looked to be an octopus feeding on the squid. What was really cool was that there was (squid or octopus) ink squirting into the air like someone was shooting a water pistol. The ink arched about 4-5 feet!! I saw four or five angry squirts of ink directed at us. Brian had done a masterful job of avoiding flying squid and the sea creatures in the water.


  What was kinda funny was just the day before Brian and I were swimming around the boat when a power boat cut through the mooring field and buzzed us going at an alarming speed. I was hanging onto the swim ladder yelling that there are swimmers around here, slow down!! I wasn’t sure exactly where Brian was, I’d last saw him on the port side( I was starboard). I shook my fist as they zoomed past, damn power boaters. Well, the ink squirting whoever it was, reminded me of that very same scenario except it was a sea creature shaking its angry ( ink squirting) fist at us!! Kind of a bummer if you think about it.


Brian scrubbing the waterline, the bottom paint (Trinidad) is fantastic and looks brand new. The prop had quite a bit of plant life growing on it but wipe away easily( bare prop).

Scupper snoozing after a swim with Brian and I. We need to make a swim platform for him too.

Ran into town to buy some snorkling gear and some hardware for the motor lift install. This place was blaring deadhead stoner music. 

We will miss the eclectic population of tourists, rich snobbery, and eccentric local color.

It is official. After sampling many locations, Brian has declared Harpoon Harry’s has the best key lime pie.


We will get moving soon. Have decided against the Dry Tortugas. My sister is having surgery and I do not want to be out of communication for such a long stretch. The surgery was just scheduled, but this is good, it means the docs are confident the cancer is gone. So we will head east. There are some really great snorkling spots along the way, I hope to post some underwater pics soon. 🙂



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