Last Days at Key West…

Another beautiful sunrise

De plane! De plane! I mean, sea plane! sea plane! 🙂

Scupper giving us the ” I gotta go pee on land” look. I tell him to use his pee mat but sometimes a dogs gotta have the feel of solid ground beneath his paws in order to do his bidness. Who am I to deny that cute face. Brian is hard at work on the motor lift project, so I take scupper ashore.

Ok, rule #1 don’t cast off from the mothership till the outboard engine is started, especially in strong currents. By obeying rule #1, you avoid breaking rules #2 don’t forget the kill switch key, so the motor will start and rule #3 Erika shouldn’t row while recovering from tendon injury. As you can see scupper is wondering why we are rowing back to mothership when land is to our stern. 

Finally on the beach, scupper is happily sniffing all the low tide smells. I decide to take some pictures while scup gets his fill.

Horseshoe crab, someone needs to teach him how to blend a little better.

These stumps were either petrified wood or coral. It was very solid like granite and ran deep.

Cool textures and colors.

Beautiful gnarly piece of wood

Sea grass in wave. The sea grass is so healthy here.

Brian still hard at work aboard Rain Dog. We have the mooring line run tight to the hull due to zero wind and funky current which causes the ball to bang on the hull of Rain Dog. BTB-Scupper fell in the water soon after this picture. I plucked him out almost as soon as he hit the water. He thinks he can walk the tubes( sigh).I’m making a hammock for the V of the bow to give him a place to perch safely, and will double as a spray shield for any supplies or gear we transport. The deep floor of the dinghy affords scupper zero view, so i need to get that project moving.



Brian giving scupper comfort after putting medicine and bandages on his paws. Today is his last day of meds. The bandages only stay on for about 15 minutes, so it gets a chance to work before scupper wipes it off.


We are gearing up to make a run to the Dry Tortugas. After playing there for a while we will start heading up the keys and east coast of Florida. We haven’t decided where to spend hurricane season, Maine? Great Lakes? Or something more south like the Carolinas or Georgia. Either way, it will be good to start moving again, 3 1/3 weeks in one spot, especially one like Key West, is PLENTY. To Family: I will send out a float plan right before we leave as usual. There will not be Internet or even cell, but I’ll cover that in the float plan. Love ya.



2 thoughts on “Last Days at Key West…

  1. I am loving your photos! I have used several as my screen savers. Just beautiful and perfect for a rainy gray day. Ken

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