More Dinghy Projects

The military was very active this morning, zooming all around the bight.


The beach we take scupper to go for a nice walk.

Scupper’s new leash, easy on the arms.

Scupper exhausted from his walk :-). Yes, he is sticking his tongue out, he only does that when he is really sleepy. 🙂


Finished the outboard. Also replaced polypropylene grab lines with lime green heavy duty webbing(flat webbing is easier to sit on :-))

Not bad. I had to free hand a lot of it as you can tell. I used fluorescent spray paint that I sprayed into a small bowl inside a ziplock bag to avoid overspray. I then took that bowl of paint and used a paint brush to paint the mermaid, dog, and boat name.

Anchor bag, made when I had electricity (a/c) a couple days ago. Just a simple phifertex bag with webbing that wraps around and ends with velcro closure.

The webbing was all sewn with my sail rite monster wheel manual mode.

I loved using my sail rite manually, especially on critical stitching like our webbing grab rails. Lots of control, and very precise stitching.

I absconded with two of Brian’s soft shackle. I wanted a quick connect for the dinghy fore and aft. I used tubular webbing to protect the amsteel soft shackle  from chafe and UV. I rigged the dinghy with a permanent line and shackle at a set length. When clicked into the soft shackle( one midship and one one the aft quarter) the dinghy is positioned center to the gate. We will still have our painter, this just allows us to get the dinghy secure quickly when we reach the boat. The mooring field is pretty rough with good size waves and a steady 15-25knots. So the quicker we can get tied off and aboard Rain Dog, the dryer we are. We can then run the painter to take the load. I want to add a small bungee snubber of some type(homemade), and still need to make the insulated gas tank cover.


Canvas shades have been awesome. The sun sets directly off our stern.

My favorite part of the design is that the top is velcro and the bottom is secured with ties. This allows us to quickly pull the shade down via velcro and tuck the shade out of the way. We leave the shade ties in place, so we can hang them up quickly and easily.





2 thoughts on “More Dinghy Projects

  1. I like the contrast of the lime green on everything. I’m sure it’ll make everything easier to identify if/when you’re looking for the RIB at a busy dinghy dock.

    I’ve been trying to figure out my Sailrite and been using the monster wheel manually at times to get better control of the stitches. But then again, I’m still learning to use it. 🙂

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