Shopping Day

Today we needed to run to the grocery store, hardware store, and west marine. 

The moon this morning was beautiful

Another awesome sunrise 🙂

Taking the dinghy to shore we spot some interesting characters hanging out along the bulkhead.

He was gigantic!

His buddy was swimming around and settled on the bulkhead. Can you see him? Near the blue and white fender?


Got closer to him.


He knows the gig is up and I’m afraid he will leap for the dinghy to bite me!!

Last shot, he is so cool, his colors were changing to blend into the bulkhead..

Stopped at Backspace for lunch. The yellow fin snapper was fantastic.

After shopping and loading up the dinghy I took some pictures of the cool bloom of jellyfish. You are looking at their medusa, they like to bury their bell in the sand. I’m using my Pentax 30, just standing on the dock shooting down into the water. My waterproof camera in in the shop( long story), so no true underwater pics till we get that back.

More activity, looks like something is trying to drag this soft coral into the sand..

Pretty 🙂

Forgot to add, Brian made some beautiful soft shackles last night. Amsteel blue 9000 Lb breaking strength 🙂 man of many talents!!

Tonight I will finish up the stencils for the dinghy and motor paint job. we will land over at rat Key to do the paint job.



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