Sunday Fun

Picking out a mooring at Key West Municipal City mooring Field after spending a few days at the City Marina scrubbing the boat, filling water tanks, charging batteries, and lots of sewing :-). It was nice to have the a/c and unlimited water but we are so happy to be away from land, even if it’s just a mile.


Nice spot, close to the beach but away from the pack of moored vessels.

Rat Key nearby for scupper to play and a spot to work on the dinghy if we need to.

Both Scupper and I kept vigil on our bean bags while papa bear made dinner.

T\T trailing the boat. Still have bunches of work to do and am finishing up a blog post about it.

Went into town to have our Sunday dinner at Blackfin. Passing the city Marina we stayed at for a few days.


Blackfin Bistro.

The canopy over the wonderful patio at blackfins. 

Scupper enjoying blackfins. Scupper is welcome and given a big bowl of cool water. Most restaurants allow dogs, some even allow them inside.


Good IPA and a great burger 🙂

Walking back from blackfins took some pics of the local flora.

Even the trees seem to walk on the wild side..

Making Brian pose next to the cool elephant tree.

Creepy tree!

Classic Key West Home.

Roosters, everywhere

Local dive

Key West Railroad

More great flora!

Brian’s favorite

Brian is so handsome!!!



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