Scupper’s Poor Paws

We think the combination of scuppers allergy to grass and the hot asphalt caused some minor paw injuries. Most of his pads are fine, maybe slightly red, but his back right paw was really raw. We called a vet, Dr Berdugo, with Island Paws. Surprisingly she came out to us. We met her at the dinghy dock and she examined scupper up in the laundry room where there was a nice table for her to work on. She gave us some antibiotics, some topical spray, and some shampoo. She was really great, spent quite a bit of time with us, very reasonable prices ($150 for visit and all meds) and scupper has shown dramatic improvements by day three( whew!).


Before his paws were an issue I had ordered this ointment to help protect his paws from the hot surfaces of the docks, roads etc. but I had not used it yet. I was using Bag balm at night as a moisturizer. Only drawback to mushers is it attracts dirt. So scuppers paws are black after a long walk downtown Key West.

This is the paw booties he uses. They are disposable. I like them because they are fairly thin and breath. Most paw booties are pretty heavy duty which is overkill for what we need and way too hot for scupper. I was also concerned those booties would promote fungal growth. The cotton disposable booties, bandages really, are only worn right after scupper gets his paws sprayed with medicine. I remove them after about 15-20 minutes. For outdoor walking we keep to shady sidewalks and carry him whoever we walk over asphalt or sketchy looking surfaces.

This is called Coban, it is great stuff as it sticks to itself but not the skin/fur. If it come to the point where I need to wrap his paw for walks I will use a combination of cotton bandage and Coban.



4 thoughts on “Scupper’s Poor Paws

  1. Hello Erica and Brian, We have so enjoyed your Blog. Seems that we have a few things in common too. We have our dog “Rosie” and our cat “Leo” on board with us. Both really enjoying their adventure. Rosie too has tender feet and avoids the grass whenever possible. So sorry about “Scuppers” feet. We are from Slidell, LA and are now in Pass Christian, MS waiting out weather, raining every day here on the Gulf Coast, trying to head your way. We are both retired, but a bit older than you two, judging from your beautiful photos. We are aboard “ROSA”our 35′, 1977 William Atkin cutter, which is now our home. Have spent much time in the Keys, over many years, but never by boat. Can tell that you too are really enjoying it there. Hope to see and speak to you two in person in the near future. Believe we will be heading for Boot Key Harbor to pick up a mooring.

    Thank You for sharing your adventure, Myrna and Earl, S/V “ROSA”

    “Lets Get Her Out On The Ocean Boss. If Anything Is Going To Happen, Its Going To Happen Out There” Captain Ron Rico Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 04:14:24 +0000 To:

    • Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the blog :-). We are heading over to the dry Tortugas to play for a while then we will start heading up the keys late April. When do you estimate you’d be at Boot Key? I know, hard to estimate on the weather! What is your cruising grounds for the season? We would love to meet up, hopefully we will cross paths soon. Please let us know if you are nearby.

      • As you two know the weather is the main driving force behind most sailing decisions. In addition we are still having issues with ROSIE relating to potty on board training and are thus concerned with longer passages. She is a total boat friendly dog in all other respects.

        We are not yet certain about our potential cruising ground in the near future. Next stop probably Pensacola, Panama City, Carrabel, jump across to Crystal River and then on down to Boot Key. This is quite loose as of now.

        A few places in Key West which we enjoy. Captain Tony’s Saloon, Blue Heaven, and Jose’s Cuban Rest, (locals spot)

        Will keep in touch,
        Myrna and Earl
        S/V “ROSA”

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