New Dinghy, New Cushion Covers

New dinghy arrived today. Uh, it is a lot bigger than I anticipated. The deflated dimension will fit on our foredeck, it even comes with a very nice case to put the deflated dinghy in to strap down and protect it from the elements. The motor is still not here. If we get no answer from the online supply house we will cancel order and buy local ( Tohatsu or Yamaha 15 hp ELECTRIC start)

We have a cable to lock the dinghy up but I wanted a bit of chain to really make  harder to steal. I am also in the process of “uglyfying the new dinghy. This will include lime green pain, Rain Dog Logo and a wave pattern here and there. We will also put our boat name on the dinghy for insurance purposes, I will have a strip of canvas to cover the name if we are concerned about broadcasting that we are off the boat if our dinghy is seen at the docks. The motor will also get uglyfied, all decals removed and flat paint with lime green logo. I will post a proper thread about this whole project, what paint I used, how I made my stencil, etc.


My fleece cushion covers works well but they do not absorb moisture. So everything finds its way down to my beautiful fabric. So I bought some 12 oz terry cloth to cover the cushions like a pillow case. So far so good.

We are at the city Marina for a day or two to pick up the new dinghy, top off the tanks, deep charge the batteries, and enjoy the electricity by sewing on my sail rite. I also scrubbed Rain Dog’s decks nice and clean :-).



11 thoughts on “New Dinghy, New Cushion Covers

  1. For your readers that don’t understand the reason for the lime green color, it is not only to make the property unattractive to thieves, it is bright so if the dink gets away from the mothership, you can see it against the ocean colors better. The original grey colors can just “disappear” into the background of the sea on a cloudy day. Ken and Debra

  2. I forgot to add, those bigger tubes means less “wet butt syndrome”! You will love it. Ken and Debra

      • No more traveling for us I am afraid. End stage heart disease with the start of vascular dementia. I have a bit of trouble some days just getting from bedroom to kitchen. That is why Lin and Larry were right. Go now (even if you go small). We were waiting for last daughter to finish college. Started having this at the start of her junior year. My first blockage was age 47 with no health problems at all. Ran three miles/day, swam 45 minutesX4/week. Still could fit into my old .mil flight suit. Now just old at 60.

      • So sorry for your troubles!! Well, if y’all ever find yourself needing a day on the water, you are always welcome aboard Rain Dog.I sure do enjoy and appreciate your comments and feedback. Hugs to you and yours

  3. Is the new dinghy a folding RIB? If so I’d love to hear about how well it folds down and stores on-deck. Are you still able to use a staysail when it’s on the foredeck?

    We have a cutter and with a fully inflated dinghy, can store it on deck but lose the staysail which is unacceptable fro us long-term. Been considering a folder and your description makes me think that may be what y’all have.

    It’s a shame that you have to uglify that pretty new dinghy but I’m sure it’s the smart thing to do. Enjoy it!

    • It is not the folding RIB, the capacity was much less then the non folding transom, so we went with the 310 Hypalon 10’3″. . The new dinghy’s stowage dimension are less than the inflated dimension of our old dinghy, so we are confident we can fit it on our deck. Stowed Dimensions: 9’3″ x 3’9″ x 1’7″ ( new dinghy). the new dinghy comes with( and we didn’t know this till we got it) a very nice stowage case. It looks like the same type of stowage case you get with the folding transome dinghy, big strong grab handles on each side, thick nylon material.I’ve not heard anything about this brand folding transome, the Avon folding transome is very well thought of. Cheers!

      • Thanks we love her too. The IPs don’t match the Seacrafts when it comes to beautiful lines but they sure are comfortable. We can’t wait to get out of Kemah and follow in your wake but have a have a good deal to do before we and the boat are ready to go. Goal is 2-3 years with an absolute cut the lines and go date of 2020.

      • Forgot to add that I sailed a 27 IP from Kemah to Isla Mujeres and back. At first she was rather slow and clumsy. But this was our inability to recognize what sail plan would work for her in this windy gulf conditions. She didn’t behave like all the boats I had sailed before. Once I put up a high cut Yankee and double reef in the mainsail, she lifted a foot out of the water and flew to Mexico. What a wonderful sailing vessel!

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