Getting Restless :-)

Brian and I are waiting for a good weather window to hop on over to the Dry Tortugas. There are two good / fair anchorages on the way, Boo Boo Key near Marquesas key and Boca Grande Key anchorage. These anchorages are within twenty plus miles of Key West. This means we will have two short days of ten miles( if we wish) and then one day of 40 plus miles to cover. Boo boo key has a great beach and Boca Grande is really beautiful. We are getting restless, ready to move on. I’ve fully recovered from my bout of whatever it was sickness. My arms are healing well too. 

Meanwhile, we are:

Brian is replacing our current tender and outboard with a RIB with electric start Tohatsu 15 hp. As soon as we know the inflatable is sound and holds air I will begin to uglyfy it with a little spray paint strategically stenciled here and there to make it less desirable to thieves. Key West has one of the highest crime rates, including theft. I will also paint the cowl and parts of the lower unit of the outboard. Lime green is my color of choice and I thought to stencil out mermaid and dog logo.

Rain Dogs logo. I will stencil this on our dinghy and outboard in lime green 🙂 to help identify it easier and hopefully to deter thieves. When Brian and I met I took the mermaid logo of my boat Ocean Girl ( Cape Dory 30) and combined it with an outline of Kaela, Brian’s beloved dog of 17 years, to create Rain Dog’s Logo.


Brian is installing a motor lift by Gauhauer ( spell?). We’ve been using a block and tackle off the boom that has worked well for loading water jerry cans off the dinghy.

I am making new cushion covers( this time out of terry cloth). I made fleece covers but they are not absorbent. In this tropical climate I want a material that will absorb whatever scupper throws at it, instead of allowing it to soak through to the cushions.

I’m sewing more line and gear organizer bags ( can never have too many canvas bags!!). And I’m making a lighter awning for the boat ( weight). The heavy duty vinyl awning (18 oz) is not allowing the heat to dissipate. I have a ton of sunbrella so will use a hunk of it to make a better sun cover for the boat. The vinyl awning we have was about $100 and is showing zero signs of wear. I thought they would make great rain catchers, and they do, but it rains so little here to be useful. They make good winter awnings.

We are on a mooring, but will head in to the Marina for the night to install the motor lift, fill the water tanks to the tippy top( Brian is ferrying 10 gallons at a time for the last couple weeks), give the batteries a nice deep charge, and Rain Dog a good bath( she is rather salty).

Our friends on Second Chances are in Marathon waiting for a weather window to cross over to Bimini. They came to Key West last week for the day to visit( yay!). They brought along two other cruising couples who will also make the jump with them to Bimini. They are Tom and Linda of Uplifting and Paul and Jane of Peace. They are so nice! glad they found some buddy boats.

Ok enough gabbing, here are some pics 🙂

Key West eccentric

Key West eccentric

Ok, let’s see that again. Too adorable!

Moon rise

Using my fisheye lens.


No filters, no enhancements.


More cool plane pics.


Singlehander sailing up to mooring. Got it without a hitch.


Scupper helping us clean up the cockpit…



Lobster bisque at Blackfin Bistro on Easter. 

Display at Marathon of proper mooring lines ( got it off Internet). We still have a mismatched set holding us just fine. Waiting for defender order to make up dedicated mooring lines.


Made a reflectex box to house the small ice chest. It has extended the life of our ice enough to prompt me to make one for our yeti cooler that sits on the side deck.

I like this cooler ( Igloo Ice Cube) it has a small dry compartment in the lid where we keep the ice scoop.


3 thoughts on “Getting Restless :-)

  1. We just installed a garhauer outboard engine hoist ourselves. The value was pretty impressive, and it is infinitely easier to use. Before we were using the mizzen boom as the hoist-it was clumsy. Hope you like yours as much as we do!
    Deborah (sv Wrightaway)

  2. We had a bimini Sunbrella but side curtains made of Phiffertex. It is a net like material that allowed a breeze in but blocked 80% of the UV rays. Great when the sun was coming up or going down as it cuts glare. I am glad you are improving health wise. MattieMae (A evil (not really) little six lb. mini ratdog we saved from a kill shelter) says to tell Scup hi! Ken and Debra

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