Rain Dog Gets A Visit From Friends And Foe.


Packed like sardines in our inflatable:-)

Sirena and Josh has come to visit, yay!!

We decided to stay aboard and have a delicious Chef Brian creation.

Brian whipped up a wonderful pasta. Later that night Brian ferried them to their hotel. They were hit by a squall near the inner harbor bridge. All got soaking wet but was safe. I was very impressed with their unlandlubberness. Aye, they have sailor blood for sure .

Brian and Josh have been great friends since High School.

Josh and Sirena live in Brooklyn. Josh a butcher and Sirena works for the Guggenheim.

🙂 Sums up Key West.


🙂  (-:


It isn’t Key West without a picture of a rooster.


The Coast Guard does an excellent job here and have a strong presence.

Scup is too adorable. He Is napping.


Scupper does not like it when Brian goes off in the dinghy without him.

Starting to see a theme? Scupper loves to rest his head and nap on my shoulder


I have about a dozen or so pics of spectacular sunsets or sunrises. I’ll only post a couple.

Yes, that is one way to pick up a mooring. The captain jumped overboard, leaving his friend to maneuver the cat.


After several attempts they finally have one line to the mooring and boat. Only problem is the captain is acting as the soft shackle…And  he looses the line. Now it is trailing the boat threatening to foul the props.

After 1/2 hour I’m and begging Brian to go help them, he was below napping. I’m worried 1) the crew will run over captain because he is very heavy on the throttle 2) captain gets chewed up in the prop 3) captain tires and drowns. The wind was around 10 knots and the cat has a lot of wind age so it was very difficult to keep the boat steady to attach mooring line. One of the many times I was frustrated that I could not start the outboard myself due to my damaged tendons. If we had an electric start I would of ran out there before it got so serious, these moorings are hard to pick up due to NO pennants.


Captain back aboard( Brian said he looked beat) and boat secured to mooring. Hero Brian strikes again!!

And this is the thanks we get for saving their bacon, blocking my sunrise..harrumph!

The front(aforementioned foe) that we have been anticipating arrived. We are in Garrison Bight which offers no protection from the north. We discussed moving but the storm was down graded a couple day before so decided to stick it out here. We were not concerned about the moorings, they are well taken care of and we were just visited by the inspection divers a few days ago. Apparently they check these moorings every 6 months.



Here it comes. We saw 38+knots.


Pretty rock-n-roll night. I slept well 🙂 Brian checked on things regularly until about 3 am whereby I took over checking on things. I made a bean bag nest in the cockpit just before dawn. As it got brighter I could see the damage done by the storm( that was still blowing).


Hard to see but at the stern of the catamaran you can see a 35+ foot sailboat on shore. I believe this is the vessel the coast Guard tagged in the night so CG and folks with AIS and radar can watch it’s progress when she broke loose yesterday. Another cool thing about AIS, we knew where this adrift boat was heading, knew that it did not pose a danger to us.

A dinghy tied to the day marker.


The owner of day marker dinghy wakes up to find he is stranded aboard. He calls his friend who picks him up to fetch his wayward dinghy. I quests they couldn’t get it started so they are towing it back to the boat.

Another boat ashore. A little 22 footer that was moored near us( down wind). We did not have anyone moored in front of us to worry over, just miles of fetch, uh er,yay?


Thankfully, one of the cruising boats used their big dinghy to get her off the shore and back on mooring. She does not seem to be taking on any water so all is well.

Long long fetch.


The bow of the boat go up and down, up and down, up and down, the bow of the boat go up and down, in garrison bight.


Good news out of all this, the derelict bird poop boat next to us got a good rain bath 🙂 This is POST bath!


Here are some odd and end pics from the last couple weeks.


Play land..?


Awe, Brian happy 🙂

We always think we will make it back to the boat before sundown…

Scupper says he could get used to this 🙂


This boat appeared to be made of paper mâché, naturally she was low in the water.


The Cassiopea jellyfish, a true jellyfish in the same family as soft coral and sea anemone. It is known for swimming upside down and will bury their bell in the sand showing only their medusa. The dinghy dock has a big bloom of them and looks like a crop of soft coral.


Lousy pic, but you can see all the medusas poking up from the seabed. Their sting is not too bad but in a bloom like this it can get thick with their mucus like toxin and cause some serious itching and pain.



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