Key West

We left for Key West from Fort Myers on Wednesday the 18th at around 10 am. We arrived at Key West moorings at 2pm on the 19th(Thursday). I didn’t do well on the trip. Even though it was a short one with great weather, my brain could not handle the constant movement, the constant stimulus. So I was pretty miserable. Brian was in his glory sailing the hell outta Rain Dog :-). I could hear him laughing and yelling out speeds like “6 knots!”( which made my heart smile!!).

When we made landfall at Key West, my head actually became worse and I even contemplated going to the ER due to some neurological symptoms that were cropping up, this was not an ordinary motion sickness. But ERs, from past experience, do nothing for my kind of situation. Fluctuating cranial pressure is a bit out of their league and I’m afraid they’d break me trying to help. So I hung in there and after a couple days my symptoms calmed down. It felt very much like I kicked the hornets nest with my brain when I gave it so much stimulus. Sigh. Anyways, I’m bummed that I’m not healed enough to enjoy the good days in the Gulf of Mexico, they are so few and far between:-). But I am so happy Brian got to have some offshore nighttime sailing( his favorite). The gulf really couldn’t of been more perfect.

This is one of those post with a ton of pictures. I took some offshore, Brian took some offshore while I was down, and I’ve been playing with the underwater camera :-).

The parade of boats. Leaving Fort Myers.

Ah, shaking the tentacles of land off and heading offshore.

We, or rather Brian, sailed most of the way to Key West. He did start the motor about 20 miles from Landfall due to diminishing winds.

Sunset at sea

Sunrise at sea

I was able to relieve Brian for a couple hours around dawn. Was very surprised to see so much traffic. Lots of fishing and big power boats

Quite a few crab pots

This crab pot float was mostly underwater.

Smooth seas


Key West


On the approach we heard two different “pan pan pans”. One for a vessel adrift with no one aboard, another for a jet ski found adrift 😦

Mayhem is the only way to describe the waters of Key West


Approach to our harbor

Lotta boats

Many not floating.

Brian looked at me and said “this is where boats come to die.”



Brian secures us to the mooring ball at Garrisons Bight.

Nice to be back with our friends aboard Second Chances, Katie and Bill.

Sunrise at Key West

I’m feeling human enough to come out on deck. Scupper is not subtle on his demand for a belly rub


A jaunt to Rat Cay to walk Scupper


Rats Cay. Looks like folks camp out here. Some abandoned boats here and there ( a theme in southern Florida)


Scupper had a full bladder!

My first underwater picture. Not pretty. I’m not swimming, I just stuck the camera in the water and started shooting.


Mangrove roots.


The water was very murky today.



I love this little guy peeking up at me. He was about a 1/2 long, I’m using my micro lens.


On the way back from the dog walk. What’s with the pool noodles on the mooring lines?

We’ve noticed Rain Dogs mooring line is wrapped around the mooring. I bet the pool noodles were installed on that cat to prevent this.

The line you see coming down from the surface is our line. This is not suppose to look like this.


Brian had to work pretty hard to get it all sorted. This tangled mess happens when we swing on the mooring due to currents along with fluky winds. We will check it every morning for wraps.


Scupper at the bow lending support




Key West has changed! Tonight we had dinner with Bill and Katie from Second Chances. First time I really got off the boat since Fort Myers. We went to DJ Seafood and it was fantastic. Brian had the clams, I have a Lobster roll, yum!


Bill and Katie


Back on the boat. No wait. Now we are taking scupper for another walk after coming back from dinner.




Tippy toes


While Brian walked scupper I just sat in the dinghy and stuck the camera in the 6 inches of water I was floating on. I’m using my micro lens, this is a blade of sea grass.



Don’t strain yourself looking for something. I love the colors and textures around the tube worm. I think it is more interesting, the tiny creatures, the little worlds that can be so easily looked over.


When I was a kid I would dive the reefs in the Bahamas. My favorite thing to do was to study a small 1 foot section of the reef. The longer I sat and looked the more I saw. It is amazing how much life is in one small square foot of a reef. This is a 2″ x 2″ section 


A small sea anemone. He is about 3 1/2 inches big.




Couple blades of sea grass with some cool algae/ seaweed


This is about 1″. Amazing how much diversity there is. At first glance the cove looked rather plain. It reminded me of big bend national park. Big bend is a lush desert. When you first arrive it seems quite barren when in fact it is teeming with life.


One more of the sea anemone. So cool. I love my camera! (Olympus Stylus)

 We will try to move over to Marathon later this week. Then we will take a rest for a while see if we can get my brain back on an even keel. We don’t think we will make for the Bahamas this season due to my health, just stay close to the states, play around the keys for a while then head up the east coast. We will play it by ear.

4 thoughts on “Key West

  1. Looks like it was a nice sail to Key West and the photos are really great! Our trip through the Okeechobee Waterway and down to Lake Worth was very interesting. We sailed back from Boca Grande yesterday and are in our slip for now. It was good to see you! Fair winds…

  2. You have the correct idea. The pool noodles keep the lines from under the mooring ball but also from under the cat hull (they are super shallow draft). I wonder if besides the ICP increase if you are also having some bruising from movement of the brain. Funny things happen post surgery. Even just a slight bit of movement caused by scar tissue blocking the CSF cushion can cause symptoms. We love your photos! Debra is the underwater shooter. She learned down in Roatan. Ken and Debra.

    • It’s been rough in the mooring field during this northern and though I’ve had issues nothing as bad as the Fort Myers to Key West leg. Seem time is a factory, longer I’m bumped around the less tolerant my head is. Oh well, life is still great!! Debra was an underwater photographer, what was her favorite thing to photograph? I’m pretty obsessed with taking pics of the tiny creatures, hard to see, but amazingly abundant.My new cam developed a leak to I’m exchanging it for the exact model. Also thinking about getting a case for my big DSLR Pentax 30
      Hugs to you both

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