Fort Myers

My nephew Warren is visiting from Texas.

Scupper cannot believe a real live Pacheco is aboard Rain Dog


Scupper getting the talk about being good while warren is visiting. No barking, No licking of faces, and No making a bed out of Warren’s suitcase full of clothes. Scupper looked on with an innocent “Who me?” look.


My handsome husband


 Aliens! Blending quite well among the local indigenous population 🙂 


Some friends from Texas, currently living in Clearwater, on their way through the Okeechobee. It was sooo great to see them. Blue Wing is a Sister-ship to Rain Dog. So we were getting all sorts of great ideas off Blue Wing, and they us.


Another cruiser stopped by to swap cruising guides.

One, rock my world idea from Blue Wing was to remove the companionway ladder and add one step to the engine room access hatch. It definitely opens up the space.

Wally made his own screens for the very hard to fit Pacific Seacraft bronze ports. After looking at how he made them, how much work went into them, I decided to go the simple route with our screens. They won’t look as good or be as durable as Blue Wings but we are out of time, it’s warm and the bugs are starting to come out at night.

Our screens are no-see-um proof, velcro’d to the inside port trim. The port seals water tight with screens in place. So we will leave them on all the time.

The patterns. I used new jar of good Contact cement to adhere the Hook Velcro to the inside trim of our ports and I sewed the loop velcro to the screen. Hopefully it will hold up.


Finished large port screen


Marina store had this along the back wall, it works.

Another big party Friday night downtown. Lots of street artists and some sort of dance competition.



Budding Artist…I believe this is the fire eaters son.


She was actually very intimidating, standing in front of her trying to get a good picture, I was very nervous.


This artist was cool, we put some cash in his tip jar and he played a Stevie Ray Vaughan solo…


LOVE street art.








Uber (taxi) ride to the Airport. We will miss youR handsome face Warren!!!



 We are now gearing up to head for Key West, then onto the Bahamas. Brian needs to fix the outboard( carb issue maybe), I’m sewing my brains out. We are taking advantage of the fresh water hose at our dock as we will not see that for a while. So I will flush the anchor locker and bilges of salt deposits and scrub the water tanks( we got another bad batch of water in port st Joe). We need to provision and I still need to see a doc about my arms. Found a good walk-in clinic nearby that we will hit tomorrow morning. 

My head has been acting up but I think it is my temperature regulator that was tinkered with during the surgery and postoperative complications. My body is retaining the heat from the environment, I’m sweating, but not enough. This increases ICP, which causes head issues. We believe this will get better when we are in a place I can swim to cool down. I shower on the boat to cool down, but I think an immersion for a few minutes is what it takes to reset my regulator. This is all an experiment. If I cannot handle this, then we will head north to cooler temps.

We hope to Leave this Tuesday or Wednesday and will stay over at Garrisons Bight moorings while waiting for a good weather window to jump out over to Bimini.




9 thoughts on “Fort Myers

  1. About the step. Keep a note for when you do decide to replace the ladder to round those corners! I learned the hard way. I ended up tacking on some rubber bumper around the edges to save my shins. We found non-skid tape for the step would not stay put. I ended up laying down new and then used two short pieces of 1/2 X1/2 inch stock on the ends to keep it in place. I am loving your photos.

  2. Hey guys, it is Chris with S/V Farfromworkin, your old dock mate. Kevin O’Neill stopped by Banks Sails this morning and gave me your blog. Looks like you two are doing great! It is great to see your living the life. I also recognized Wally’s boat that I had recovered his dodger a few years back. Say hello for me (probably knows me as Chris with Cokabee Canvas). I am so glad Scupper has adjusted well to the cruising life. Again, great to see your smiling faces and I will follow you guys on your journeys…sooo jealous!

    • Hi Chris!! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well. We are having a blast, scupper included :-). Was just admiring the workmanship on Wally’s dodger, great job. Banks/ North canvas did our dodger too, it is holding up beautifully and I love the design, very functional and versatile .
      Hugs to you
      Erika and Brian

      • Erica & Brian, glad everything is working like it should. Sorry to hear your not feeling well and hopefully you get better soon. Everyone around here is having a bad bout of allergies so we can kind of relate. Yesterday I was out sailing on the bay and thought “maybe I can just keep going and catch up with Brian and Erica!” LOL. Welcome to “Key Weird”, hope you two have a great time!

  3. Finally caught up on your blog .. can’t believe you’re about to head out to the Bahamas already! Time flies when you’re working … LOL! Love the pictures! I’ve never been to Ft. Meyers, Sarasota or Port St. Joe .. they all look like really great places. Ft. Meyers reminds me of the French Quarter. Hope your arm heals soon, and LOVE the pictures of Scupper checking things out!

    • Thanks, hope you both are doing well. We just decided to skip the Bahamas this season but will cruise the keys and up the east coast to Maine by high summer. At least that is the latest, we may decide to stay around here or around the Carolinas. We will just live day by day, we have no schedule, pretty cool :-).
      Erika and Brian

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