Friday Night Art and Flower Show

Today was shopping, cleaning, and sewing projects. Tonight  Brian took me to town :-), the community in front of the municipal Marina had an Art show with street artists and flower show at the Art center. 

Love this tree.


This reminded me of a dinosaur:-)


Downtown Historic District of Fort Myers

Free trolley to grocery and hardware stores šŸ™‚


Love street art. This was done with a sharpe


Artist putting out his paintings


Flower show at the Art Center. My handsome husband.






Brian loved these leaves.










Not sure who the names are, but cool way to pay tribute


Street musician


Huge bike rally(?), Brian’s friend was riding in it, I tried to get a shot but they were on the next street over. We thought they would pass in front of the Marina.


Brian’s friend from High school, Anthony. We put his bike aboard and the boys went out to hit the town ;-).



I’ve got the sewing machine out and have made a bow bag for the snubbers. Now working on the port screens. Using thin cutting board material to make frames to sandwich screen material between and sew to secure. Will post separate full project when done.


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Art and Flower Show

  1. I tried to leave a comment on Second Chances blog several times, but it won’t work with my gmail for some reason. Perhaps when you see them next you can ask them to check. About the arm. I wonder if the failure to heal is secondary to steroids? Sure does a number on tissue and I feel for anyone that had to use them. Hopefully its just a little ligament tear and tincture of time will heal. Ken and Debra

    • Thanks for the input about my arm, I’m really at a loss on what to do. Which means it’s doctor time, but as you understand with cruising, it is hard to find the right resource to help with the issue. I’m going to go to a walk in clinic that is affiliated with a big hospital. Hopefully I will find some confident staff. My latest thought it to immobilize one, let it heal, then immobile the other. This way I only have one arm out of commish at a time.

      I’ll let Second Chances know you are trying to contact them. We sure are happy to be buddy boating with them. They have a wonderful mixture of new and experienced, that keeps things fun :-). Plus they have a knack for picking places to visit. Port St Joe was their idea, and I’m so glad we decided to go with it as it’s been one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. Katie and Bill are REALLY good cooks, so dinner at their boat is yum yum!
      Take care, stay warm!! Hope to have you over for sundowners one day.

      • Oh, and I forgot to mention, I’m not on steroids. They did have me on them for a short period of time after the brain surgery. Right now I’m on meds that lowers intracranial pressure, a med that calms over worked neurons firing, and a pain reliever that is Extended Release Tramadol (spell?). Regular tramadol (ultram) doesn’t seem to work but the ER does.

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