Sarasota, Tom Adams Anchorage, and Fort Myers



Another post of a thousand pictures :-). It takes more time combing through all the pictures I take every day then to post em! 

We left Sarasota Tuesday morning and headed south for Fort Myers. We spent one night at anchor before reaching Fort Myers. 

Fort Meyers will be our major provisioning and projects stop before Bahamas. We will stop in the keys, but just for a weather window to hop across to Bimini. 

Pelican Mooring Field 🙂

Yard Gnome?


Cool bridge.



Opens on demand.


Open, says me!


Very cool


His all clear horn is a little toot!!

Osprey nest


Another bridge

The waterway was very crowded today. Boats, birds, bridges, oh my!





The best picture I can get. It is an alligator. He is under the pier. You might have to take my word for it.

We anchored at the Tom Adams Bridge anchorage. Getting in was a bit hair raising, very shallow and charts cryptic. I was about to reverse out of the approach as our depth sounder was flashing 6, when a big trawler 30 yards off our starboard zoomed by into the anchorage. I yelled to Brian that I was going to try his route due to his speed, he was very confident. Sure enough, I found the channel( little as it was) over near the trawlers track.


Charts warned not to go past the manatee sign. Problem was there were several manatee signs!

Finally got settled in, tucked among the crab traps and mangroves.


Brian rowed scupper ashore for a quick jaunt.


Tom Adams Bridge. Next morning we headed out early to make for Fort Myers


Low Tide. Lots more land showing this morning.


Second Chances is still with us. We have a lot of fun together.


This little guy was in disguise.


I was such a bonehead. Called this tow boat because I saw that it was slowing and possibly beaching.

Cannot raise them on 16, and now there is two tows. I finally gave an “all concern traffic” call out that I was going to pass to their stern as they were now both beached, one the north bank and one on the south bank. I rechecked active captain to see what they say……


DUH! They are Ferries!! No wonder they didn’t answer, they monitor another channel. They were not beaching, they were picking up cars to ferry across. So many bridges everywhere I didn’t have ferry on my radar. Boy did I feel silly!! When in doubt, check your chart!


I have never seen so many power boats in all my days. They were everywhere, zooming around.

Boats, boats, boats. This is a weekday! 


Hmmm…..How fast can manatees swim?


Floating restaurant


Finally arrived at Fort Myers at 5pm.


We were pretty beat and decided to get some pizza.

Classic gawdy tourist eatery. But it was really tasty. Apparently that is Al Capone’s hide out.

Coal Fire Pizzas.


Bill and Katie from Second Chances with Brian and I.

 We will stay in Fort Myers to provision for Bahamas. I need to hit a clinic to have a doc take a look at my arm to see why it is not healing up. I pulled the muscles our first month out (December) and have not been able to heal. Brian has quite a few boat projects to get done, and I have sewing projects and some splices to do. Anyway, I like this town so far, everything is walking distance.** My nephew is coming for a visit next week so lots of fun to be had aboard Rain Dog :-).


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