Emerson Point to Sarasota



Emerson Point. Great anchorage, good holding.


Manatee river. No manatee sightings, we were told they head up the river for the winter months.


Bridges galore. Most open at the top of the hour and at the thirty minute mark. I counted 9 bridges to mile marker 45 ( Englewood). So we decided to go from mm 95 ( Emerson point) to around mm 70 (Sarasota)to ensure we would reach our anchorages before dark. This made a one day trip to Fort Meyers (MM5) into three. This could be handled differently and quicker, but we are in no hurry 🙂


Our buddy boat still has our 6 o’clock:-). We have very similar cruising ideas and temperaments.


So many boats! 

Made it to the mooring field in Sarasota by 3pm.



First time to pick up a mooring ball aboard Rain Dog. No drama thank goodness. I’m still manning the helm for all docking, anchoring, and moorings. This ensures that Brian is doing all the heavy lifting :-).


Sarasota is very busy and…vogue, rich, notmystyle exactly.


It was strange to be around so much business and stuff. We have been roaming the lesser known and sparsely populated places since December.


Scupper thought Sarasota was a wondrous land filled with many many dogs. All of which he wanted to fight. I think we cramp Sarasota sophisticated style more than it cramps ours 🙂 We were the hillbillies with the punk kid(scupper).


I stand corrected. Nothing like a big barge with palm trees and massive plastic mermaids to make us feel better about ourselves :-).


And of course, materialism and that pungent pompous miasma in the air can be forgiven for a little scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream 🙂


Rain Dog with her anchor light on.


Ok, no more making fun of Sarasota. It is a nice place and we received great service from the marine businesses.

If he had them, Scupper would of given two opposable thumbs up for Marina Jacks. They had a nice dinghy dock and lots of places to do his bid-ness. Moorings were very nice and in great shape. $15 night includes showers, laundry, trash( including recycling), dinghy dock, and pump out if you need it.

 Tuesday we head for mm 45 ish which has a nice little anchorage.  


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