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Sorry, I posted out of order. Here is our ICW trip down from the Causeway to Desoto Point/Emerson Point.


Beautiful day. Lot and lots of bridges. But the tenders were great, very nice and usually promptly opened up for us.

Still playing with my new camera:-)


Scupper loves to say “Hi” to the bridge tenders


Say what?


The ICW is really nice along here. Well marked.


Second Chances following us down the ICW






The Skyway Bridge. That is the only shot I have of it. I had to go lay down and Brian do the rest of the leg solo ( 4 hours). My brain is still really…agitated is the best way to describe it, since going offshore on the short hop from St Joe to Clearwater. I’m experiencing head pain like before the trip, doesn’t take much to set it off. Not sure what I did to aggravate my condition but will have to roll with the punches. Brian is happy to solo. Brian is happy to be aboard and cruising. So, he takes my disappearances into the vberth with loving support. I was able to come out and man the helm the last few miles to anchor her.


At anchor in Emerson Point Preserve. Running ashore for picture taking and doggy walking


Brian 🙂


Emerson Point


What we thought was dinghy docks was actually just a small beach.


Scupper spies another dog, he thinks, no, KNOWS, he can take him on. If only dad would let him.




Back to the boat.



Throw two big bean bags together. Add a blanket, pillow, kindle, hot tea, fresh flowers from the park, and you get Erika’s favorite spot to watch the sun rise. Brian and scuppers favorite spot to watch the sunrise is snuggled up together in the vberth.




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