Riding Out a Little Blow

 Belleair Causway Anchorage. We moved from Compass Key to Belleair Causeway due to forecasted 40 knot gusts from the South. Compass Key had zero southerly protection. The storm was a little rough and the gusts up into the 40s. We tied the dinghy along side but had the long painter ready incase we wanted it to stream out behind us. Brian also put together the fortress storm anchor with rode ready on deck in case we ran into stronger winds then predicted. But our 45 LB Manson with 7:1 scope of all 3/8 BBB worked beautifully. We also had a 35 ft 3/8 three strand snubber out. The bottom was hard sand.


I like to peek at the state of the anchor using my iPad. Our primary anchor watch is our eyeballs with some fixed bearings to compare for movement. Then we have our Vesper which checks every minute or so where the boat is in relation to where we dropped the anchor. And then we have the depth sounder on alarm if it senses anything under a certain depth we set for that particular anchorage. And finally my iPad, that I can glance at in the middle of the night without having to get up. We (Brian) still get up regularly to go on deck and check for chafe and drag. This night we had some pretty good gusts, no drag. This is a shot from my iPad blue charts tracking the boat at anchor. I mark where we back down on the anchor to set and sometimes mark where the boat is at certain wind directions.


Anchorage was pretty good considering the high winds we were getting.


I was to take scupper ashore as Brian was still trying to catch up on his sleep from the Gulf hop. As scupper and I were getting ready to shove off from Rain Dog the outboard stalled and I started yanking on the starter to restart. My hubby did not want me to re injure my healing arm muscles so vetoed my protests and shuttled us to shore.  It’s a bit frustrating that I cannot do simple tasks but it sure is sweet to have such a wonderful husband. I cannot wait to heal up and get stronger, I LOVE to row and would of gladly skipped the engine altogether πŸ™‚


We love to talk to people. This guy was really neato, he is originally from Jersey. He comes to this spot in remembrance of a friend that died in a jet ski accident at this bridge.


Brian and Scupper. Funny how happy Scupper is to get back to the boat.

 Thursday: We moved to The Manatee River, Emerson Point , across from Desoto Point. This was about 45 miles south of the Belleair causeway. It’s near the town of Palmetto. Will post some pics as soon as I can. 


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