Day Sail to North Point

Invited bill and Katie from Second Chances over for a day sail to go beach combing up at north point. So at 11 am we piled aboard Rain Dog and headed for the Beach :-).

Marina. I’m using my new camera today, an Olympus TG-3. Here I am playing with the diorama filter.


Nice calm day.

St Joes Canal Bridge. Diorama filter.

Break out the Asymmetrical, very little wind.


Almost no wind, going about 3.3 knots

Scupper schmoozing for some lovin and food 🙂

First anchorage did not work, too deep, bottom hard clay.

Second anchorage was much further from the point but had nice sandy bottom and 15ft depth 🙂


Katie and Bill beach combing 🙂

Rain Dog at anchor

Beautiful sand dunes



A few of these little guys wash up ashore. I threw them out to deeper water so the sea gulls wouldn’t eat them

Love this place


Fun playing with my camera, perfect place to do this!

More dunes 🙂

Taken with the micro setting on my new camera

Headed home after a fun day at the beach. I’m skipping over the part where I ran aground, chart said 29 feet.

Reminder at the Marina entrance to be vigilant in your navigation


After having a hard time docking, Brian had to take the helm and dock her, we met a fellow sailor who we new from Cruisers Forum. Great to talk with him, we hope to get together with him and his wife tomorrow.

The four of us, Katie, Bill, Brian, and I, walked over to a great Mexican restaurant for a nice dinner.

 We hope to have a good weather window in a couple days. Warm, north to westerly winds fairly calm seas.


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