Northern Blows In.

We hopped into Port St Joe about 6 hours before the weather really started to deteriorate. Last night we had gusts in the 30s on the port beam from the south, then on the starboard beam when it whipped around from the north. We were up several times checking the lines, we are at a nice strong fixed dock. So, as the wind was blowing the water in with the tide we adjusted fenders and lines, then the north wind at 4 am started blowing the water out with the outgoing tide, so more adjusting. But all was well.

I struggled with going into a Marina. Brian and I went back and forth while out in the bay…but decided it was probably like reefing, when in doubt head for the nearest good shelter, be it anchorage or Marina. When we hit the bay we were still 7 miles from the anchorage and a half mile from the Marina. As it turns out it was a good call, last night was rather rough even in our protected spot. Another boat came in from the gulf last evening before sunset, and they had a rough time of it. Not a good time for an exposed anchorage, no matter how beautiful, or more importantly, no matter how many perfect shells are calling my name…sigh. Patience. There will be plenty of sleepless nights in the Bahamas anchorages,😄, better enjoy the marinas while I can.

Great town!! Very very hospitable marina management


Small breakwater for protection. And of course, must take a picture of the beautiful vessel, fisher pilot house.

We are way out at the end, just how we like it. We met a Port A guy in town to check out the marina. He is military, been working his butt off for our country ( thank you!!), now looking to slow down a bit and move his boat here to Port St Joe. Nice guy, hope he makes it.

OK, time to address the elephant in the room…

It’s a bean bag. I store it on the lifeline to keep the cockpit nice and roomy. This is the first time I’ve seen it From this view, hanging over the side. We bought the bean bag back in Panama City and it is as wonderful as it is obnoxiously big. I refuse to give it up, in fact, I bought another one 😳


The first bean bag we purchased was tear drop shaped. I bought the floor model for $100. The second bean bag is a sort of L shaped which is chair shaped standing up on end for the landlubbers out there. But for us canoe stern folks, the L can easily be mushed to a V. The v shape fits the v of the stern perfectly. Their big, their obnoxiously big, and I LOVE them :-). If you’ve noticed that Brian has not been mentioned yet, well, he is warming up to them. Scupp is completely on board   🙂



Before the weather came in we cruising boats all gathered up at the BBQ deck the Marina has set up. I made potato salad, Brian made a red velvet cake(yum!). Second Chances, Bill and Katie made wonderful  hamburgers, homemade chips, and freshly baked hamburger buns!!


There was also the boys off of Kittywake, a Northern 35(ish). Great guys. Captain is moving from South Carolina to Kemah, Texas. They have an air draft of 51 feet So there was lots of talk about the bridges we encountered. Kittywake and Second Chances offered up some very very tasty rum.

Be sure to check out Second Chances Blog really really neato folks.



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