Beaker, Our Third Crew Member, ( ie. Windvane Work)

 We named our Monitor Windvane “Beaker”. The resemblance to our vane and the muppet is striking šŸ™‚

The shape of our vane, it catches the wind which helps steer the boat



See?  they could be twins šŸ™‚

 I will paint a cute beaker face on our vane when I get the chance……


Yesterday, I spliced some new control lines. Old set up, yucky line.


I used HMPE for the helm side of the control lines. The top splice is a modified bury with a brummel thrown in. I stitched the throat too. The bottom splice is a long bury with a sweet sweet taper, stitched and whipped throat. No reason for the difference, just playing around. These lines will not see high loads. I used HMPE for the cheafe resistance.


Now I’m thinking instead of tying off like this, maybe splice eyes in the braid in order to put a soft shackle between the two lines

Maybe a really stiff bungee shackle between the two lines. This could also absorb some shock loads since the lines are all low stretch. Also this would allow a quick “on” and “off” attachment.


Ok, so that’s the Update on Beaker’s new control lines. Still more tinkering to do.



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