And Then There Was Three! No Wait, No, Still Two..

Last night in Panama City we met up with another Pearson 385 called Second Chances. We had met Bill and Katie back in Pensacola. It was great to see them again and we had both Palm Latitude and Second Chances over for dinner. Brian made his delicious chicken and rice, and we discussed what our plans were for crossing the small stretch of Gulf to Tampa or Tarpon Springs. Palm Latitude destination is Indian Town where they will dry dock her. Second Chances is also heading for the Bahamas but not stopping in the dry Tortugas like we are.

We were all looking at at least a week until a good weather window for the Gulf jump. The exception is that this Wednesday looks promising for this side but 30+ knots waited for us on the other. So Rain Dog will wait for a better window. Brian is game for a little rough weather but I am not, nor scupper! One thing I have learned over these last few months is my beat up brain needs to be slowly introduced back into the world of wind and waves. It is a bummer but at least I’m out here and not dead :-).

So This morning we all ( Rain Dog, Palm Latitude, and Second Chances) headed for Port St Joe Canal about 30 miles east of Panama City. Rain Dog wants to play on the beautiful beaches if St Joseph wildlife park ( San Blas Islands) while waiting for a weather window, then we make for Clearwater ( Tampa). At around 9am Palm Latitude called to tell us they decided to go on to Carrabella to make a daytime crossing to Steinhatchee. So we said our good byes, and hopes that we would meet up again. Second Chances also wants to explore Port St Joe, so we will still have company for a time.

Today I took a million pictures. It was one of those days where I could not put my camera down. So sorry for the deluge of tree, roots, driftwood, and boat pics.

Cool ole schooner

Lord, I have never smelled a paper mill, I hope I never again.


New addition to the flotilla, Second Chances. Scupper likes em.

We hit the bridge at low tide so both Pearsons would have plenty of height clearance for this 50 ft bridge


Ahh, good to go.




Perfect tiny home


Lots of shipwrecks..hmm.



Two more..


Last one..


When we hit the narrows, things got really interesting.





Way cool


Odd cool


Mini waterfall Cool


Cool, kraken style πŸ™‚


Another mini waterfall πŸ™‚

Love it.


Ok, you can caption for a while, I’m tired πŸ™‚





Turn off for St Joe Canal

Palm Latitude did not make the turn, they are headed for Apalachicola.



More pretty.

Lots and lots of crab pots all day, but they are well to the shore and in a straight line:-)


Shanty at 2 o’clockπŸ˜„

Clear bridge then Out into the bay.

Looks like a place to tie up..

Ahhh, open water. Shallow, but open.


Rounding the north side of the shoal, a little nerve racking as the sky clouded up so could not fully see the shoals. But we were fine, no problems except one of the markers(green) was out of place. But the chart plotter and depth sounder helped us figure out the right way to deeper water.

Marina to port, around the point.


Ever since I hurt my arm I’ve been docking Rain Dog. Brian hauls all the fenders around and mans the dock lines. I think this has helped dramatically with my recovery. Brian has always wanted me to be at the helm but I was reluctant. My injury forced the issue and I am pleasantly surprised how well Rain Dog maneuvers. I’m used to full keels that take forever to turn, don’t like to back up, or when they do back up they are unpredictable. Rain Dog handles beautifully.


We wanted to anchor out at the North Point tonight but they are calling for southerly winds which is the one direction that anchorage does not like. We then thought to go down south to Lighthouse Point but the storm may be a bit strong tomorrow and we were not sure just how good the protection is. So we decided to stay in a Marina for two days. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous after that :-). This will give us a chance to finish the solar panel instal and laundry before heading offshore.

 So, we are in Port St Joe( San Blas). Will hang out, playing, beach combing, working on boat, while waiting for weather window to hop on over to Clearwater.

Cape San Blas, Port St Joseph State Park ( left part of the horseshoe)



5 thoughts on “And Then There Was Three! No Wait, No, Still Two..

  1. Jen and I laughed at loud at your paper mill comment. Jen lived near one growing up. The first time I drove through the smell, I literally thought I had poo on my shoes or something. TERRIBLE!

  2. We love Port St. Joe – beautiful sunsets! Also, the worst place we’ve ever been for smells was Fernandina (at the Florida/Georgia border), where they have 2 paper mills.

  3. I love your photos! Keep them coming. The “interesting” boat- it looks a lot like a dive boat that would take 18 or so people the the Bahamas for scuba diving. It was a more stable platform. No rocking and rolling. It is called something like “SWATH” vessel but memory eludes. Ken

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