Shell Island


Brian, handsome sailor man at the bow!

They called for 25 knots with possible 35 gusts from the Northwest. Our anchorage is not well protected for that bearing so we hoped over to a Marina for the night as we needed to do laundry anyways. We were back at shell island anchorage later the following day. We anchored further down to try to get better protection but not really a big difference to me. But the beaches are deserted 😄 because it is trickier to get in here ( water gets skinny with shoals on each side) and you can only get here by boat.


Shell Island is partiality owned by the military, the Parks and Wildlife Department, and a private owner. Some parts of the Island allow dogs, but only on leash, on bay side, and only up to high water mark. They are trying to protect the bird species that are nesting here. The privately owned section does allow dogs on gulf side, but leashed and off the dunes.


The shelling is great here. I only pick up uninhabited shells. Most of these will go to my nephew TJ who is very curious and intrigued by natural science.


As usual, my hubby was up to something awesome. We bought two solar panels but did not find the time to install them before we left. So they have been tucked away on the port settee.


Solar panels have been living on the port setee, be nice to clear out some of the clutter!


Brian fabricated an aluminum frame and installed the port solar panel. He will wire it next.


With the magma mounts, we can position the panels to horizontal or vertical set.


Panel sits well inside the gunnels. Plus we were pleasantly surprised that we are still able to use the rail where the panel is mounted. The panel sits 2+ inches away from the rail, so our hand can easily grab the rail.


Work is gone. Time to cuddle 🙂


Our anchor watch mate. Checks our position every few minutes and will alert us if we start to drag anchor. Brian noticed our boat made a cool, circular, trek around the anchorage.




One thought on “Shell Island

  1. That Scupper looks like one contented happy little SFC. (small furry child). We had a Carin Terrier and a Rat Terrier on Satori. They did just fine. One lived 17 years and the Ratdog lived six weeks shy of 20. Somehow now we have three ratdogs saved from a kill shelter. How did that happen? The water in the Keys will amaze you. But just wait til you get the the Bahamas. There it will leave you speechless. So many good things to look forward to (well, a few nights at anchor watch rockin and a rolling). Ken and Debra

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