Lazy Day

Brian worked on the solar wiring today. It will be so nice to have that extra juice coming in. So far we are consuming about 40-50 amps/day. I took a short trip to the beach this morning to take some pictures and also did some beach combing with my friend Gail. We found some incredible shells :-). Then it was back to the boat and in bed as my ICP was high today :-(. Not sure what caused this but resting is always the best thing to get through it. With the hatch open and the wonderful breeze coming down below, it was a nice day to cuddle in the vberth.

We were going to leave Saturday for apalachicola, but we really don’t see a good weather window for the short gulf hop over to Tarpon till almost a week later. So ,we might just stay here a couple more days. This will give us the opportunity to meet up with another cruising boat making her way here from Destin called Second Chances 😀


Our second anchorage at Shell Island. This is east of our first anchorage and much more secluded.



There is a dock on the bay side.


The dock has a walk that takes you over to the other side of the island


The sand dunes have over run the walkway 🙂 cool.


Scupper is not allowed to be here. But he can be on the bay side along the waters edge up to the high tide mark, he must stay out of the dunes.


Lots of nesting going on right now..

It’s a freakin bathing suit strap. I nearly had a heart attack over a strip of nylon cloth!! But it sure looked like a snake to me!




Nice calm Gulf of Mexico



I’ve always been fascinated with footprints. This little guy was all over the place 🙂


Sometimes it’s more fun to take pictures of the shells and leave them in place.


One more..


Rain Dog


Brian and scupper stayed back at the boat while we ( Gail and I) beach combed. I called him on our walkie-talkie to come pick us up.


One last look at the Gulf.



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