Panama City

Now in Panama City, stopped at Sun Harbor Marina for two nights. Nice nice people but the docks are very primitive( fixed with 1/4 finger pier every other slip), and very little protection from the ICW (see video). Met a fellow Cape Dory person( I used to own a Cape Dory 30), his name was Mark, he has a cape dory 27 he is restoring and he is looking at Pacific Seacrafts to move up to πŸ™‚ great taste! Brian gave him a tour of Rain Dog and he helped us top our water tanks, nice guy!


Here is a video I took while Brian made breakfast (omelets). Sun Harbor doesn’t have a breakwater so the big wakes come rolling through every so often. If the Marina had a cheaper rates then the other nicer marinas we’d stay here. But for about the same price a mile away is much nicer facilities and easier on your dock lines.



View out the stern at Sun Harbor Marina


Looking back at Sun Harbor Marina.

Coast Guard assisting what we think was a dismasting..

 Today we checked out St Andrew Marina ( well protected, nice tie ups), fueled up, and hopped over to Shell Island for a few days of fun and relaxation.


Palm Latitude at the Pump out Station at St Andrews Marina.



Whistle…What a sweetheart that greeted us when we were poking around St Andrews Marina….Gordo! You gotta get one!!!


Closer look…

Such pretty lines.


For those who will get the reference “….turn that dial, all the way, shoot me like a rocket into space..lovin every minute of it”


OMG OMG OMG. Made it to Shell Island, drop the hook, and took in the beauty.


Wha..what is that?


Well, ok. I guess every pretty anchorage needs a nutcase flying around.


Never too tired to have Brian row me ashore for shell hunting πŸ™‚


I can hear the shells calling my name :-)..


What a lovely vessel! In a lovely place!

With lovely people πŸ™‚




Now it’s time for dinner and to watch the sunset. Actually, I was down below napping in the vberth :-). Brian was zonked out on the settee…so luckily our neighbors on Palm Latitude took this photo of the sunset or we would of completely missed it. 



3 thoughts on “Panama City

  1. How we knew we were acclimatized to the boat. While sitting quietly, reading, you look out and see things outside like piers dancing around. But you could swear you were sitting perfectly still. I can’t wait til you get to the Keys. Water so clear you would think it is only six inches deep. Ken

    • Yep, I knew we were moving a bit cause they could be up to four footers at times, but was surprised when I looked out how much everyone was dancing about and Rain Dog was so comfy cozy.
      We cannot wait to get to clear WARM water :-).

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