Rained in at Destin, Windy ride to Panama City

Today (Wednesday)woke up to cold and rainy. So we stayed at anchor. Tomorrow,  we will make for Panama Cityy.  The weather folks are calling for clear skies and temps in the high 50s. 

Nice little anchorage. Good holding. Slept very well. Had a big scare when my anchor watch put us adrift bearing down on some docks and shore. Brian rushed on deck to discover everything was fine. I, believing my iPad over my hubby, ran out in the cold in nothing but my jammie’s to shine the spotlight on shore. Sure enough, iPad was playing tricks on me. Not funny. The vesper Anchor watch, our primary anchor watch (next to our own eyeballs that is) was just fine, it was just the GPS in my iPad that was confused. Wonder if it is all the military stuff around here. OR, better explanation is it is an apple, nuf said.


Palm Latitude came over for an early dinner. Brian made his famous Pork and sweet potatoes.


You’d be surprised how often I see this on the charts! No,we are not anchored here.


So this Morning we hit the road at 8 am and made our way to Panama City.


Running across Choctawhatchee Bay under small craft warning made for a rough morning ride. I tore a tendon in my left leg :-(. My poor body is not used to this work out. I thought my body would get with the program by now!! We were so focused on my Brian brain giving me issues, had no idea my muscles were such a problem. Well at least the pulled muscles in my arms are almost healed :-). Brian is great and is not having any troubles thank God!


Hitting the narrows, it’s so pretty here and smells like a forest…


The shore is a mixture of sand and soil


Panama City, a 7.5 hour run from Joes Bouy in Destin. We are staying at a primitive but friendly Marina. Will move to a better Marina tomorrow, get all our laundry and work done, then high tail it to a nice sweet anchorage. I cannot wait for the anchorage, I’m not a fan of marinas. 

So here we are, Panama City. We decided to rest for a week then sit down and talk about how best to get Rain Dog down to warm waters ( faster or slower?).



4 thoughts on “Rained in at Destin, Windy ride to Panama City

    • Bill we just anchored at Shell Island in Panama City. We’ve been staying at Sun Harbor( don’t go) since Thursday. Yes, we will be here for at least a week so will get to meet up with you and Katie :-). Looking forward to it.

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