Pensacola to Destin

Sabine Bay Pensacola to Joe’s Bayou in Destin Florida took about 7 hours. Might have been faster had we not had some moments of very slow progress through shoaling area( strong north wind coupled with low tide). Very cold today 37 degrees with 31 wind chill in the am.

Leaving Sabine Bay. Ran aground in the channel due to very low water.

Nice tall bridge, Pensacola Beach bridge.


Santa Rosa bay was nice and calm.


Old Bridge next to working bridge now a fishing pier.


The Navarre bridge, 50ft clearance. We are 47 with all the lights and antennas.


Tide Gage on bridge helps you determine clearance with a high or low tide








Very narrow way today. Mostly 2-3 feet right off the channel. We also passed under Fort Walton bridge but I did not get a picture.


Practicing maneuvers, not sure if they are military and which one. We are near an Air Force Base.


Lots of racing around the bouys.


Tomorrow we make for Panama City if we can work around the rain.



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