At Anchor, McRee Cove, Pensacola and then on to Sabine Lake Marina

 Late post, from Saturday.

We will head over to Sabine Marina today to spend some time with our friends on super bowl Sunday. Yesterday was a wonderful day at anchor. We have very very good holding here. We have done several 360s and 180s. With the current and the contradicting winds we come up short on our rode from time to time, and I’ve clocked us at 0.7 knots. And we have not drug anchor( knock on teak πŸ˜€). We have the 45 Lb. Manson with over 100ft of 3/8 BBB chain out ( 5:1)and a 35 ft snubber. Our snubber is 3/8 three strand New Endland Rope with a couple feet of endura braid spliced boat side for cheafe protection (and it is quiter too). If curious, see Evans Starzinger snubber design –


Snubber on Rain Dog


Last night and the night before was a bit windy, but this morning our dinghy nearly flipped while hanging alongside the boat. Brian had it tied down really well but the wind kept getting up underneath it. I was lying in the vberth and I saw the bow of our dinghy fly by the port😳. So he dropped it back into the water.

The happy crew




McRee Cove. Great anchorage, but really a fair weather anchorage.


Beautiful cove. Fun walking the small island (Robertson Island) that protects us from the northern wind and waves. We had up to 35 knots at anchor from the southwest and 30 knots from the north.




Great being the only one in the anchorage 



All aboard!

Wait, see the Dolphin? Hopefully I’ll get better at catching their image


Sunday late morning. Hoisting anchor to move about 9 miles. Meeting up with some friends for the Super Bowl. Scupper is ready to move on.

Back in the ICW. Gulf side view.


Mainland view

Can’t really tell but crazy tidal current influences going on here.


Almost through it…


Looking back, you can see the line where two differing currents meet.


Pensacola Bay. This bay is DEEP!! 50-60 feet. We wondered what geological anomaly caused this where for hundreds of miles it is an average 10 feet…?


Captain instructing me on the merits of..oops I forgot πŸ˜€


Scupper was snoozing for most of the run from McRee Cove to Sabine Lake.


Pensacola Beach Bridge. Has a 65ish ft clearance. We clear at 47 feet.


Scupper could smell that we were getting close to port πŸ™‚


We are somewhere in that mess.


We got to hang out with Gail and Peter aboard Palm Latitude, our buddy boat. Scupper missed them too!

We also got to meet up with the crew of Second Chance, a Pearson 385 ( sistership to Palm Latitude) Katie and Bill are also heading for the Bahamas, along with their 4 cats :-). They were just married on November 6th. Great folks, I hope we get to meet up with them in future anchorages.


Sabine Marina

We hope to leave Tuesday, the next good weather window. We are sticking to the ICW to make as easy passages for me as possible. I’m still trying to recover from my illness, not as easy as I thought, or at least, I’m much weaker then I realized!! I kinda over did it this first month and trying to get my torn muscles to heal while still being a good first mate is hard. 



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