Gulf Shores Mississippi to Pensacola Florida

Today I was feeling unwell and tried to take a day off :-). Brian said he would just singlehand and for me to stay in bed, but I was up and running about the minute we had a little action :-). My heart is happy, just wish my body felt the same!! So Brian ordered that we stay in our next port for a couple days for me to rest and try to catch my breath. Very Glad we took the ICW, I need a slower pace. Since this is cruising, and we have no schedule to keep, all is well.

Big shout out to Rhapsody!!! Great to hear from you today, great to hear a friendly voice on the VHF😀. Hope you are able to come by for a sundowner. 

Second Chance, glad to hear you made it to Pensacola ok. Hope to see you while we are here, though I think we will only stay a couple days. 

Gulf Shores.


Pretty. Water is getting bluer and bluer :-).


Happy crew.

Tree IN the ICW. A vessel called us and warned us about a tree in the ICW between markers 81 and 83. He also reported it to the Coast Guard but did not get the coordinates( lat and long ). So when we came upon it Brian hit the waypoint and I called the Coast Guard and gave them the added info.

I think we are officially in Florida:-)


Sailing…I remember that..


The Gulf of Mexico is just on the other side of this sand dune.

Getting closer to our anchorage


Unlucky soul.


At anchor. We ran aground on approach. Hard aground. Took a bit of coaxing to get off the sand bar and into deeper waters.


At anchor. Over the point at about 1 o’clock is where we ran aground. There are two shoals that we needed to thread our way through. I was a bit too close to port and was aground on the lee side. Thankfully, Rain Dog tip toed in reverse back to safety.


Scupper, sniffing in anticipation of this new beach to explore.



The beaches! The sand is like soft sugar



We are near Naval Air Station. Lots of cool jets flying over. Thankfully there has been very little air traffic at night, so nice and quiet.


Planes galore.


Scupper got a little wet on our quick beach combing walk.


Sand and water, sweet.

We are here 🙂



One thought on “Gulf Shores Mississippi to Pensacola Florida

  1. Everything is looking pretty nice out there.

    You two have been motoring out enough. I’m sure you’re looking forward to sailing some more so you can save the fuel for later.

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