Easy Day Crossing Mobile Bay to Gulfshores, Alabama

NOAA called for light and variable winds for Mobile bay. The sea bouy and mid bay weather station confirmed this in real time at about 9 am this morning. So we reluctantly hauled  anchor and headed east to our next destination, Gulfshores Alabama. This was one perfect anchorage, and I was sorry to leave it so soon.

Before we left, I rowed the dingy to the spit of beach off our stern so scupper could enjoy himself and I can beachcomb ( enjoy myself 🙂 ). I found some cool rocks, two I can not identify at all. I will send them to my very smart and inquisitive nephew who will have fun tracking down these Jane Does.


Daulphin Island anchorage


Wind shifted several times in the night. We did a couple 360s cha cha cha. We are very happy with our anchor. We had the Manson 45 Lb out with 100ft of 3/8 chain and a 25 ft snubber.


Very little traffic out in the calm Mobile bay




Not in Kansas anymore. The terrain changed dramatically from swamp to big pine tree forests lining the ICW.




Seems everyone owns a boat or boat accessories around here.


Buddy boat, Palm Latitude.


Brian getting the lines and fenders ready for our next stop. Scupper overseeing the job.


Approaching Homestead Marina


It, uh, well.. BIG!


Big Restaurant, LuLu’s. Scupper started barking at the people, demanded a hamburger I’m sure.


Nice Piers

I got nothin.


Cool boats


More cool Boats! Fisher.


Coolest vessel in the whole joint, Rain Dog 🙂


Scupperdoodle! yes, those are kiss imprints on the ground 🙂


Next anchorage is Pensacola




3 thoughts on “Easy Day Crossing Mobile Bay to Gulfshores, Alabama

  1. Erika,
    We didn’t end up anchoring on the other side of Dauphin Island, the swells were just too rough. It was too rough to come into your anchorage too, so we just sailed on to Pensacola that night. We’re currently tied up in the Navy Marina at Pensacola NAS. I think we’ll stay 2 weeks or so here, raxing, working on the boat, and getting our stowage finished. Then it’s off to the Keys. Where will you stay in Pensacola?

    S/V Second Chances

  2. Nice place. During the spring or fall. NOT WINTER! That cold gets into the bones. My rule of thumb, Never North of the Keys in November. I love your blogging. Ken

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