Gulfport to Daulphin Island

Got up at 6am and checked the weather. We were good to go for Daulphin Island over 60 nautical miles to the east. Took us 10 1/2 hours but we made it with over an hour of daylight to spare, whew!

Early morning run, yawn…


Our Route, Gulfport to Daulphin Island.


Reports of a barge running aground at the Daulphin Island Bridge had us concerned for transiting the bridge channel safely.

As it turns out, The aground barge was way outside the channel, so not a hazard to traffic.

Scupper likes to bark at barges…hmm I wonder if there is some Skipper key in his bloodline..?


Aground barge getting some help.


I bielieve they are transferring contents. From the radio communications, it sounded like nothing was spilled :-).



Bridge route. Depth is in feet.


Other side of Daulphin Bridge is Mobile Bay, to the south is the inlet from the Gulf of Mexico


Bay. We tried to stay clear of the channel to not be near the big freighters and such. 


Mobile Inlet. The lighthouse is on the east side of the channel.


By the way: My baggy wrinkles are still hanging on :-), and NO more strange harmonics.

Scupper is happy to be lounging in the sun.



Brian is Happy to shed some winter layers 🙂



Rigs, everywhere. Starting to feel the swells from the Gulf of Mexico.


Skirting the shoals and the channel. Needed to clear Daulphin Spit before making the turn for the anchorage 


Gulf of Mexico never lets you off easy. We had a bit of spray, made for a cool picture :-).


Getting close to our destination…


Pelican Bay. Lots of weird shoals, and crab traps galore.


Run to anchorage


Just need to round this spit of land and we will be ready to anchor.


Our anchorage.



Beautiful here. We were tempted to stay a few days.



Dolphins playing in the anchorage



Great Sunset. The mast to the left is Second Chance, a Pearson sailboat. She started to make for this pass but turned around and it seems she is anchored now. She is on the Gulf side. UPDATE: Second Chance said the Gulf side anchorage was too rough, so they made for Pensacola and got there safely.


Slowly but surely we are making way.



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