Rabbit Island to Gulfport, Mississippi

Today we motored to from Rabbit Island to Gulfport, Ms in about 6 hours. We stuck mainly to the ICW until the Marianne Channel turned hard to starboard, we just stayed on the 45 deg heading and tucked between two shoals right into port. Palm Latitude, the boat we are sailing with, does not have a chart plotter so they followed us through the hairer parts of the leg. It was pretty rocky the first and last 10 miles. We came into port just as a small craft warning was issued, so perfect timing!

Last nights anchorage was nice. Lots of traffic, tugs to our stern and trains off our bow. Cool. Wasn’t too noisy. The trains did not feel the need to blow their horns and also moved at a slower sedate speed.  


Scupper approves of this anchorage.


Buddy boat, Palm Latitude.


Mississippi Sound


Can is not where it is supposed to be, poor guy is lost.


Big jerrycans marking a crab trap or fishing spot. Do you see it?


How about now? Glad we didn’t run it over!


Traffic on the Mississippi Sound


Staying clear..


Brian at the helm.


Land-Ho! Gulfport Mississippi. 


Gulfport Mississippi. Staying at Gulfport Small Craft Harbor Marina. Approach is easy and well marked. Fuel dock is directly to starboard once you clear the breakwater.


Buddy boat, Palm Latitude


Another Marina. We wanted to anchor out, but with these westerly winds, there are not a lot of protected anchorages in the area. We paid about a dollar a foot per night. We are only staying the night and didn’t even hook up to dock ac electricity, we don’t need it. 🙂


Scupper scoping out the joint.


Rain Dog looking salty 🙂


Gulfport Mississippi. Very pretty place, very nice people. We are doing 40 mile days. That is about my threshold before my illness starts to rebel and give me issues. Tomorrow it is Horn Island. Heading 103 deg for about 5-7 hours. Going to try to sail if the wind allows us :-).



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