New Orleans to Rabbit Island, Staging for Mississippi Sound Crossing

Weather looks good after this blow finishes..blowing 🙂

Some potential stops, but we may stop somewhere not marked here.



Sunday Wind, WESTERLY!!!!!!!



Sunday Waves~~~~~~


Leaving New Orleans At 7:30 am this morning


Rabbit Island to port, we made good time.

After Bumping around a bit, we figured out that the channel has changed. The shoal is to starboard on the east bank, so we hugged the west side and found a nice spot in 7.5 feet of water.


Palm Latitude to our stern. They have a 45Lb CQR with chain


Train off the Starboard Bow!!


My happy handsome hubby 🙂


Netting Project. Last bit of rail not secured from scupper going overboard.


Done! Took over 2 1/2 hours but it turned out well.


Blue dot marks our anchorage. Tomorrow we will try for Gulfport, Cat Island, or Biloxi, depending on weather and currents. Buddy boating with Palm latitude is really fun.



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