Buddy Boating

Met at couple while at Pontchartrain Landing. Their boat, a Pearson 38-39 center cockpit named Palm Latitude, was a neighbor of ours in Port Aransas at Island Moorings Marina. The owner had been cruising her from the west coast but injured himself so had to sell the boat. Well, about a year later here we are in New Orleans and Palm Latitude with new owners comes into port. We quickly became friends and are now buddy boating. Today (Saturday 24th) is our first day of travel together so we will see how it goes, very nice people and display good seamanship skills so should be good fun :-).

We had Palm Latitude over for dinner, here is Brian shuttling then home after a nice evening together.

Scupper loves the folks aboard Palm Latitude, I’m still a bit nervous about him snapping at people but he seems to love them 🙂 . Here is scupper refusing to get out of bed yesterday morning( cold and rainy). He is bundled up in down comforter flannel sheets and comforter cover and more than three pillow at his disposal:-)

 Today we make for Rabbit Island, just next to the inlet for the Mississippi Sound.


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