Netting Up the Stern and New Instrument Panel with Cover


I’ve been in recovery mode since going up the mast. Projects like that seem to really take a lot out of me, but I so love to do them. So I consider it mental therapy, even though it is a bit hard on my body and brings my intracranial pressure to issue, it is very good for my psyche. Plus, my hubby looks at me with a twinkle in his eye and tells me how proud he is that I’m his wife. I’ll climb the mast every day, pain be damned, for that😊.

Scupper, peeking out the stern.


Anyways,  little projects post….


Need to net the stern. Scupper likes to hang out there. We keep a close eye on him and he has a harness with tether, but it’s just prudent to have a barrier.


Taped the netting to the area I wanted covered. We are only doing half way up the stanchion.


Took a couple hours to get just right. I wrapped with 1/8th black dacron. I also cut out the cleat and chock area, reinforcing the edges with dacron too. This required a pad eye just left of the chock( in photo) to support the lower half of the net. I mounted the bronze pad eye on the toe rail, I think it will be handy for other applications too.


Starboard side complete.


Brian installed a new Engine panel after our small engine fire last month. He cut out a piece of lexan to protect the instruments from spray. He still needs to add some weatherstripping but it is very good for now. I painted the custom carved logo and boat name on the panel with a dark bronze color. It was all I had on hand, when we have time I’ll purchase some gold leaf and make the name and logo really pretty. Gold leaf can be found at any hobby shop and is pretty cheap. 



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