Scupper Gastrointestinal Update :-)

Potty mat. Made from synthetic realistic grass that have drainage holes every foot or so. I whipped a piece of old driftwood to give him a focus.


Potty Mat. The grass is backed with whelping material. It absorbs a great amount of moisture, so far no pee ( when he hits the mat) soaks through to the deck). I also whipped line around the border for ease of handling.


At first we had the mat forward, even underway.


But we soon realized his harness would not let him go forward that far, so we moved the mat back by the cockpit. It’s a bad picture, but it is nestled with the fender, in front of the gate. He poops and pees there. But he also pees on certain places of the deck. We praise him whenever he “goes”, if he hits his mat he gets extra praise and a piece of ham or cheese. When we anchor I like to move the mat back to the forward position. 


One thing we noticed is that scupper is very shy when he needs to do his business. This is new. When we walk him on land he is not shy at all! So it must be some shreds of anxiety still rolling around in that noggin of his that what he is doing is wrong.

 We changed his diet about two to three weeks before we left to go cruising. His normal diet consisted of ground beef, turkey, or chicken, with veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. We changed him over to grain free dry food. A rude awakening to be sure. He eats it, but not as much as he should. So, two months later, I’ve notice a slight weight loss, maybe a pound or so. So we have been adding an egg or hot dog to his daily intake. That seems to of stabilized his weight loss and hopefully he will get back to 12Lbs in a month. Brian and I have discussed going back to a modified version of his homemade dog food, we will watch him for a few more weeks and then see where he is at.

Scupper looking up at me as I’m working on the mast.



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