Waiting out repairs, and giving Erika a nice rest before moving on.

We have been here At Pontchartrain Landing in New Orleans for over four days so far, and I’ve ( Erika) been mostly resting. I guess this trip was taking a bigger toll on me then I thought. Frustrating. This should not be hard. This is my world, I’ve lived more on the water then on land, I love this! But I’m not 100 %, not nearly. And it seems I’m pushing my body too hard. I knew that would be a problem, so hard to stay on the side lines. Brian is really good at reminding me to pick my battles, that I don’t have to do everything. So today I did some light chores. Scrubbed the head, cleaned the teak and holly sole, and helped Brian scrub the forward water tank.


Jeepers! The tank was dirty. This is the forward water tank. It has never been used since Brian bought the boat 5 1/2 years ago. I stuck my Pentax in the tank and started clicking. This is looking aft starboard, that is the fill and vent.


Looking forward. This is before I scrubbed the tank. By the time we scrubbed and flushed twice I was pretty beat and was not able to take pictures. The tank still had some stains here and there but was good to go.


The lid of the water tank is PVC ( 3/4″). The body of the tank is integral with the hull liner. Now that we have the forward tank cleaned with water filtration installed, we have a 80 gallon water capacity. We have been doing very well one one tank so hopefully this will allow us to stay away from marinas.

Brian has been kicking butt!! Yesterday, he installed pressure water in the galley. We had not planned on having pressure water. In fact, we removed an accumulator tank thinking we would never need it, choosing the simple manual foot pumps to keep the water flowing. But what we did not foresee is that the foot pumps can not handle the water filtration system Brian installed. So pressure water is an option at the sink faucet and at the filter faucet. We can still use the foot pump when conserving power at the sink faucet.


Left faucet is pressure filtered water, middle faucet is pressured or manual( you pick). The far right faucet will be salt water one day, when we get around to plumbing it.


Foot pump at base of galley sink.

Brian also worked on the  installation of a lexan cover to protect the instrument panel. We no longer have a key ignition in the cockpit. The keyless ignition has been moved to inside the companionway, out of the weather. This gave us more room on the instrument panel for oil pressure, water temp, and tachometer. The kill switch is still in the companionway too, but that will soon be installed right next to the instrument panel in the cockpit. Pics to come.


Brian made some incredible smelling marinade. Lots of ginger and garlic. He is marinating ribs, I know it will taste amazing! He will cook them tomorrow, this will allow us to eat leftovers while underway on Saturday. 



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