While in Houma, waiting for weather window.

Got the decks clear so I could give Rain a Dog a quick scrub. Our jib got a little muddy from the anchor, Brian laid it out and cleaned it up nice and pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ I just noticed we have my old boat name on our jerrycans, gotta fix that.


Crawled under the cockpit to Repack the rudder gland ( patina/greenish thing). Not going to happen due to the steering quadrant being in the way ( the thing right above it), I’m unable to move the top gland to reach the packing.


The steering Quadrant needs to be loosened and moved up the rudder stock a few inches to make room for the packing gland to open and be repacked( this would stop the water intrusion when we motor). The arrows point to the stainless steel bolts seated in the aluminum steering quadrant. After 25+ years the two dissimilar metals have reconciled and become one. I am unable to remove or even loosen these bolts.


So after hours in a contorted advanced yoga position I had to call it quits. I put everything back together and just tighten up the packing gland as best as I could. Hopefully that will decreased the water ingress. ๐Ÿ™‚ Brian is buying some hose clamps today so I can replace the rusty old clamps.


This is what a boat looks like when a little rudder packing gland decides to leak. Can you find the dog and hubby in the photo?



New neighbors. They have been cruising for 8 ish years and are now ready to swallow the anchor. They are on their way to Texas, where they bought some land near Rock Port.


As I was taking a video of a big tug passing our stern, I noticed a mast on the horizon coming north up the ICW. A woman aboard waved and yelled over to me. Though I could not make out everything, I did hear the name Beverly. I think she was referring to our friends Ralf and Beverly in Galveston. They must know each other, and Beverly told Midnight Shadow to keep an eye out for us :-).


We are now headed for “15 mile mark” anchorage. Then onto New Orleans for rest and haul out to repair rudder packing gland situation. 


2 thoughts on “While in Houma, waiting for weather window.

  1. Yes, you’re right. They used to be at our marina and were heading the same direction as you so I told them about you. Nice reflexes to get a photo!

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