Harvey, Industrial Locks, and the Mighty Mississippi : PART ONE

From 15 mile Mark Anchorage to Pontchartrain Landing Marina, New Orleans. (8 hours)

Air boat country.


Cemetery on the other side of our anchorage( 15 mile mark)



Swamp tour boat.


Beautiful vessel, Brian especially loved it.


New hurricane barrier, not on the charts! it’s location is marked with a hazard construction mark ( on Blue Chart)


Hurricane barrier pump station




We can now catch glimpses of downtown New Orleans!


Ahh, the smell of toxic fumes in the air! Lovely.


Barges barges everywhere.


And more barges…



I spy the 5 mile mark!



Captain Brian


I spy….?


Lapalco bridge, Latitude: N29.87124° Longitude: W090.06986.  Chart says 45 foot height clearance. Bridge tender said 52 feet. There were NO outward markings on the bridge to communicate correct height. So we proceeded with caution…



We fit!! With a few feet to spare 😀


More traffic ahead, and of course, more bridges.


Looks like she is getting restored..?


Gosh, there are a lot of boats around here!!!

 Next post, PART TWO: Harvey, Industrial Locks, and the Mighty Mississippi 


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