Houma, Louisiana

In my fatigued state, I forgot to put our Google map location. So here it is.

We have one more anchorage before Harvey locks in New Orleans. Notice Brian has A-Bears restaurant pinned 😀



2 thoughts on “Houma, Louisiana

  1. Tate and Dani aboard Westsail 32 Sundowner are just ahead of you on the east side of NOLA. They just started their trip. http://sundownersailsagain.com/
    So you might bump into them. Told them to say Hi to Scupper the boat dog.

    We were aboard Westsail 32 Satori based first at Island Moorings Port A then Bahia Ingleside while I worked Surgicare in Corpus. Then we moved to Portofino across Clear Creek from you. I saw your medical problems and am glad you are on the way. My medical problems sunk us. CAD- 4 stents and 10 blockages total. I just get to watch now so I will be stopping by each day and living vicariously. Ken

    • I have been reading the sundowner blog for some time. Glad they cut the lines. Very excited for them. We move pretty slow, so probably will not catch them. Sorry about your health woes. I hope you feel great in 2015!

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