Charenton Drainage Canal to Houma Louisiana PART TWO

 More pics of our ten hour run from Charenton canal to Houma Louisiana.


What do you think FMS means?


More of the unusual.


Classic Louisiana day marker..just kidding.


Cool. Little guy pushing the big guy.


Bayou Dularge bridge outside Houma. We made the 4:30 deadline by about 15 minutes. Or, we would of had to wait till after 6:30, nightfall, to go through. It’s height clearance is 43 feet. 4 feet shy of what we needed. It would not of been fun trying to find Houma in the dark, it was a bit confusing in the light!!


Hard to believe this narrow little stretch is still the ICW. Our Marina is to port( left). It is not an average Marina but a long dock with electric and water. It also has a pump out( which we don’t need) and a mini dumpster.


Houma City Marina. The town is really cool, the people very friendly. The ICW runs from left to right off our stern.


Dock master came by to help hook up the electric and water. He also gave us the number to the taxi service, and some good local restaurants.


The Marina is attached to a pretty park.


Big tows passing right off our stern. We cannot move farther down the dock due to depth restriction. The wake is not bad at all and we have Rain Dog tied up pretty well. 


Barge traffic off our stern. Fun to boat watch all safe and snuggled tied to a strong dock.


Customs officials woke us up at 8:45 to inspect and interview us. No big deal, very nice and polite guys. Never went down below, though I offered so they could get out of the cold. Anyways, they were there for about twenty minutes and even gave us a tip on a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant to try.

We will be here for a few days to ride out the cold front coming. Hopefully will be back on the road soon. I’m ready!


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