Charenton Drainage Canal to Houmas Louisiana

Erika writes:

It was about a ten hour run but we made it to Houmas!! Cool town with a West Marine and a haul out facility about five miles south of us. 


He is IN the channel.

First Bridge of the morning. 73 foot clearance, so plenty of room for our 46 feet. This was around mile marker 120(ish).


Big log floating along the ICW near Morgan City.


Scupper, loving the sunroom. You can see his Jackline and harness set up. This allows him to go about five feet  forward, past the cockpit, and have the whole cockpit to roam. Gives us peace of mind, but I need to tweak it a bit.


The second cable ferry we have run across in the last couple days. The ferry is pulled by cable from one side to another. The cables do not sink all the way to the bottom so you must be careful to stay in the middle of the channel where the cable is deepest, gulp. The cable ferries seem to monitor VHF 13/16 instead of 14 like the locks.


Morgan City Locks. As with all locks so far, we got the green to go right on through. Lockmaster came out and waved a friendly hello 🙂


Lockmaster saying hello 🙂


Scupper giving the lock a fond farewell sniff.


…I got nothin…just sadness..


Morgan City was very busy.


This is for you Alecia!! I nearly ran us aground getting the shots, but it’s all for you baby!!


For you Alecia!!


Getting ready to pounce on a little bunny? 


Last pic of the Bald Eagle. They are not as good as what you would of gotten ( Alecia) but I was just glad to of captured a few pics of one!!



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