Anchored in a Drainage canal..As romantic as it sounds 😊



Erika wrote:

Left Shell Morgan late due to tide, shopping, and showers!! We filled up the fuel and water tanks. So far we have used 29 glallons of fuel and about 30 gallons of water. 

Since we ended up leaving at 10 am, couldn’t make our chosen anchorage at Wax Lake Inlet. So our back up anchorage is Charenton Drainage Canal. This canal can be busy, so we have the boat lit up with all our anchor and deck lights( all white lights). We are keeping the VHF on 13/16 to monitor traffic and are anchored off to the east side with a stern anchor to keep us from swinging into the channel. Brian hooked up the Vesper ( AIS) so comercial traffic can see us. I’m still a bit jumpy, hate anchoring near traffic( though we haven’t seen anyone yet), but we have done everything possible to be seen. Too cold to sleep in cockpit but will sleep in the salon so I can jump up and peek out. 

We had a strong current against us today so it was slow going. The leak around the rudder post is stable, we hope to find a slip near New Orleans so I can work on it( I fit down in the little cubby work space We want to be near a haul out facility in case I have trouble putting the steering system back together( long story, but I will have a post about it in the project section).

Next stop Morgan City for laundry and a few parts for the boat.

Tied up at Shell Morgan. Lots of commercial traffic and some moderate wake. Great folks at the fuel dock. Ran aground a couple times here, it would go from 15 to 4.5 to 15..! But we just powered through.


Scupper loved his time on land but raced back to the boat every time. He is a boat dog for sure!



Heading up the Charenton Drainage Canal Achorage. We anchored about a 1/2 mile from the ICW off to the east side of the channel. Very good current here so it keeps us lined up with the shore. We put out a stern line just in case the wind or current tries to push us out into the channel.


I’m working on some baggywrinkles for the topping lift, Brian modeling for me :-).



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