Rain Dog was hauled out and had a bottom job. We had a spot on the leading edge of the keel repaired and the top sides compouned and waxed.

Haul out

Haul out

 The old bottom paint lasted us over five years. We bought Petits Trinidad , black, 3 coats. For this time around. Don’t ask me why I picked black! The only thing I can think of is the high copper content. Anyways, It is a nice hard paint. Hopefully it will last as long as the last bottom job.


Grinding back some of the fairing compound. The lead is completely untouched and undamaged.





Her rudder is tight and has zero soft spots or blisters. The bushings look great, no slop.


Time to splash. Her through hulls were checked, cutlass bearings checked, keel checked and repaired. Plus they compounded and waxed the topsides😀


We had them weigh her, she came out at around 14,000 pounds.



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